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Why VPNs aren’t the best security tool for working from home, and what to implement instead

CSO Online | Nov 23, 2021

VPNs are a remote work staple, but they’re hardly the most secure way to access corporate data. CSO Online’s UK Editor, Michael Hill, joins Juliet to explain why overreliance on VPNs poses a security risk, and what alternatives enterprises should consider rolling out in conjunction with or instead of virtual private networks. Related articles: 7 VPN alternatives for securing remote network access: 11 cybersecurity buzzwords you should stop using right now: For more on this topic, check out these videos: How to secure and speed up your home Wi-Fi network: Remote access security: trusting untrustworthy devices: Read Michael’s articles on CSO Online: Follow Michael & Juliet on Twitter-- Michael: Juliet: #VPN #cybersecurity #workfromhome

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