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What is a deepfake? How to prepare for and respond to this cyber attack

CSO Online | Apr 1, 2020

As cyber criminals deploy more complex methods of hacking, using deepfakes to spread misinformation and “hack reality” have become more popular. This video, audio and/or text-based content is AI-generated and may be hard to discern from factual media. While no one can be totally safe from being deepfaked, heads of global companies or politicians may be especially appealing targets for hackers. Industry analyst and author Dr. Chase Cunningham joins Juliet to discuss how individuals and enterprises alike must respond to a deepfake attack, how the technology may evolve and how to determine what’s real versus what has been deepfaked. Chase’s book: Cyber Warfare – Truth, Tactics, and Strategies: Strategic concepts and truths to help you and your organization survive on the battleground of cyber warfare:

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