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it in the nhs

The Complete Guide to IT in the NHS

We delve inside the government's healthtech unit.

the state of enterprise security

The State of Enterprise Security

We analyse the state of cybersecurity within UK organisations including key threats, main investment areas, and what is driving the security agenda within the business.

it monitoring

The Complete Guide to IT Monitoring

We assess the monitoring software landscape, focusing on machine data analytics and application performance management (APM) vendors.

it skills

The Complete Guide to IT Skills

Find out more about the UK IT hiring landscape and how you can best take advantage of it.

salted hash thumbnail multi final

The risks associated with global Internationalized Domain Names | Salted Hash Ep 36

Paul Vixie, CEO of Farsight Security, explains how global Internationalized Domain Names, or global IDNs, sparked the emergence of confusingly similar website addresses with nefarious goals -- and how to combat them.

blockchain in the enterprise

The Complete Guide to Blockchain in the Enterprise

Find out more about blockchain in the context of enterprise deployments, how technology vendors are getting in on the action with fully managed Blockchain-as-a-Service options, tips for building a career around blockchain and some...

internet of things

The Complete Guide to Internet of Things

Find out more about the state of IoT in the enterprise.

machine learning

The Complete Guide to Machine Learning in the Enterprise

Find out more about what machine learning is as we help you cut through the hype and get to the real uses of the technology within the enterprise.

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