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5 Best Practices for Tableau & Hadoop

In an age where people can analyze millions or even billions of rows of data at their fingertips, a user's expectations is that they have near instantaneous results. When a user's interactions & response times take more than 2-3 seconds, they become distracted from being "in the flow of visual analysis." Thus, it is imperative to provide fast query speeds to keep users engaged so that they can gain more insight from their Big Data deployments.

Define Analytics: The Changing Role of BI's Favorite Catch-All Term

Twenty years ago, we relied on highly trained technical specialists to make sense of database modeling, which left analytics to large enterprises with time on their hands - and even then, insights were outdated the minute they were printed on paper. They weren't actionable at all. But today, businesses of all sizes can connect to and analyze data (even big data) to educate each other and drive better business decisions.

How Data Gravity is Pulling Your Analytics to the Cloud

Data and applications used to be hosted locally, on organizations' own premises. But a cloud-computing revolution has changed this default. Data is moving to the cloud and data gravity is changing how software is run in organizations. But what is data gravity?

Top 10 Big Data Trends

More organizations are storing, processing, and extracting value from data of all forms and sizes. Systems that support large volumes of both structured and unstructured data will continue to rise. The market will demand platforms that help data custodians govern and secure big data while empowering end users to analyze that data. Take a look at what we anticipate to see with Big Data in the coming year.

Case Study | Presented by Nuance

Barclays Improves the Client Experience With Voice Biometrics

Barclays Wealth and Investment Management is a leading global wealth manager, the UK's largest and among the top 10 globally. Its passion towards the delivery of world class customer service and an outstanding client experience was a key motivator in the decision to implement voice biometrics-based client verification.

White Paper | Presented by Nuance

Biometrics: The Future of Authentication for Banking

Download this new whitepaper to see how they're using biometric technologies to provide customers with dramatically better experiences while realizing efficiency and security gains.

White Paper | Presented by Nuance

Forrester Report: Adoption Of User - And Mobile - Friendly Biometrics Will Kill The Password

As users increasingly demand frictionless authentication everywhere, biometrics solutions have garnered significant attention for both authentication and fraud prevention -especially on mobile and IoT devices. Their increasing adoption is hastening the demise of the industry's least user-friendly method: passwords.

Optimize Flash Storage with Predictive Insight

Today's flash storage is predictive, analytic and prevents storage problems before they happen. Read this white paper to learn how HPE 3PAR StoreServ solves 86% of storage problems and works with HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Servers, powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors to safeguard data.

Video/Webcast | Presented by ObserveIT

Spies Among Us: Defending Against State-Sponsored Insider Threats

This briefing will discuss the emergence of nation state-sponsored global talent recruitment platforms, the growing threats these information-hunting efforts represent, and how to mitigate the associated risk for your organization. Don't miss it 4/26/18 @ 11:00 AM EDT.

The Printing Gap in Enterprise Cybersecurity

Print security is a vulnerability that often goes unnoticed, even though 61% of enterprises admit they've suffered a printer-related breach.

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