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Video/Webcast | Presented by Zscaler

Secure Remote Access No Longer Requires A VPN

For 30 years enterprises have used VPN. But users have a poor experience and it places them on the network, increasing risk. See how this Healthcare Technology Management organization retired their VPN and adopted zero trust security.

White Paper | Presented by Zscaler

It's Time to Isolate Your Services From the Internet Cesspool

With apps moving to the cloud and users moving off network, legacy remote access VPNs no longer meet enterprise needs. This is why many enterprises have turned to software-defined access solutions instead.

eBook | Presented by Zscaler

It's Time For A New Approach To Application Security

Teams must ensure that as they embark on the cloud transformation journey, their apps remain secure. To do this, many must rethink security and look to embrace a zero trust security model. This ebook explains how.

White Paper | Presented by Zscaler

Embracing Zero Trust Security

Learn how this subsidiary of Volkswagon Group made zero trust possible for 5,000 remote employees looking to access over 7,500 internal applications.

White Paper | Presented by Zscaler

A Security Solution For The Modern IT Leader

In the past IT security leaders weren’t viewed as business leaders. Today, the role involves securing organizational assets, informing the business of risk and reducing operational expenses. Cloud-based security enables leaders to achieve each.

Close Security Gap with Protection at the Software and Hardware Levels

As businesses pump money into software to cover the more headline-prone security breaches, hardware-level vulnerabilities are left largely unprotected. This White Paper examines the issue, as well as the technologies available — such as the HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Server, powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors — and how to choose the right partner to help close your security gap.

White Paper | Presented by Kryon Systems

Automated Process Discovery replaces Process Mining

Companies are spending 70% of their robotic process automation projects discovering processes. Traditional process mining can take months, while automated process discovery uses computer vision algorithms to capture and document automation-ready processes in just two weeks.

White Paper | Presented by Anomali

Email Spoofing a Threat to the 2018 US Midterm Elections

Can lightning strike US elections twice? Based on research findings, close to 96% of the evaluated State, District of Columbia, and Territory elections offices and online voter registration sites remain highly susceptible to email spoofing attacks.

White Paper | Presented by Kryon Systems

How Microsoft uses process automation to cut time by 2000%

Microsoft dispenses $4.5 billion in royalty payouts each year to independent content providers and partners. This process took a full accounting team 3 days to complete and was subject to errors that resulted in overpayments. With robotic process automation, it was done in 2.5 hours.

eBook | Presented by

How to build a data-driven culture through Collective Data Empowerment

Collective Data Empowerment is the missing ingredient from most companies' data strategies. Sure, data executives must govern and secure their data, but if it’s only useful to elite data practitioners, it’s not living up to its original promise of making your organization smarter, faster, and more effective.

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