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White Paper | Presented by VeloCloud

Demystifying SD-WAN's Relationship to WAN Optimization

This document aims to demystify the relationship between the two, outline the market shifts that have led to a reduced WANop sector, and provide a recommendation on deploying both technologies in a modern enterprise WAN.

White Paper | Presented by SecureAuth

Get the Access Management You Need for Office 365: Prevent attackers from using stolen credentials to compromise your cloud data

Office 365 is popular with users…and cyber attackers. Passwords and two-factor authentication (2FA) may not be enough between attackers and your sensitive data. Prevent more identity-related breaches by knowing more about those requesting access.

White Paper | Presented by VeloCloud

Global SD-WAN Vendor Market Mid-Year Forecasts, 2018—Excerpt Prepared for VMware

The SD-WAN market is in the early growth stage of the product lifecycle. Key factors driving market adoption include: cost savings from efficient usage of private and public networks, ability to optimize hybrid cloud connectivity, and applicationaware routing.

White Paper | Presented by SecureAuth

Increase Identity Security Without Increasing User Disruptions: A Case for Adaptive Authentication

This white paper explores how you can supplement 2FA and improve access security without continually disrupting users.

eBook | Presented by SecureAuth

Is Two-Factor Authentication Enough? Why you need a modern approach to security

Enhance your 2FA by knowing more about those requesting access. The more you know, the better protected you become.

eBook | Presented by

Leading the IT Revolution

In this e-book you’ll meet 12 visionaries who are leading IT transformations in their organizations.

White Paper | Presented by VeloCloud

Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure

WAN edge infrastructure is changing rapidly as I&O leaders responsible for networking face dynamic business requirements, including new application architectures and on-premises and cloud-based deployment models.

Manage the Cost and Security Risks of Your SaaS Applications

Are you able to manage the cost and security risks associated with your SaaS applications? Download the Essential SaaS Management Toolkit to learn about SaaS usage trends, understand the importance of SaaS management tools and discover how to take control of your SaaS applications.

White Paper | Presented by VeloCloud

SD-WAN Becomes the Network

The network of yesterday is not the network that can take businesses into the future. As mission critical enterprise applications move to the cloud, wide area network (WAN) must adapt to become agile, flexible, and scale rapidly.

White Paper | Presented by VeloCloud

SD-WAN is a Critical Component in the Future of Retail

Digitization is reshaping the retail landscape across every industry faster than ever before. Just look at how the makeup of the Fortune 500 has changed from the early days of the digital era, in 2000. An alarming 52% of those companies have gone through acquisitions, mergers or bankruptcies, or they simply don’t exist anymore.

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