Webinar: How Advanced QMS Technologies Change the Game

The availability of next generation Quality Management System (QMS) technologies represent a significant opportunity for IT organizations to deliver real value while reducing risk and cost for their organizations.  New cloud-native QMS solutions reduce the risk of brand-damaging quality mishaps that are a priority for the C-suite. Next Gen QMS solutions also streamline integrations to other mission critical business systems, improve efficiency, provide a future-proof platform for growth and reduce support costs.  Now is the time to review your existing QMS, including siloed Excel and SharePoint-based systems and take advantage of today’s and tomorrow’s technologies to reduce risk and increase efficiency. 

Join Heera Sharma, Chief Architect ETQ and David Isaacson, Senior Director of Product Marketing ETQ to learn the key drivers, ingredients and benefits of a next generation QMS.  You’ll also learn how Next Generation QMS solutions: 

  • Reduce the risk of a top C-suite concern, a brand-damaging quality mishap 
  • Take advantage of the most advanced cloud-based technologies  
  • Streamline integration with key business systems including ERP, CRM, MES and more to unlock value and reduce costs 
  • Provide visibility and analytics to proactively spot important trends that reduce risk and cost. 
  • Provide business users the flexibility to configure their environments, helping reduce IT’s burden of making code-based customizations