How to build a seamless digital experience for breakthrough marketing performance

Many businesses struggle to engage with their website visitors effectively, let alone omnichannel experiences.  Marketing teams have limited tools to deliver relevant and consistent content to their different target audiences. With less-than-optimal digital experiences, how can brands stand out in a distinctive way and delight customers across multiple touchpoints?

Digital experience teams, including creative, design and content marketing, need to work together with demand generation and campaign teams to own their brand story and deliver relevant and optimized omnichannel experiences.

In this webinar, we will be demonstrating a new co-innovation between OpenText™ Digital Experience and Google™ that provides breakthrough marketing performance.  Gain insight into how to build seamless digital experiences with exceptional data-driven customer engagements and effective marketing campaigns that optimize ad spend and SEO.

This webinar will cover:

  • Why a collaborative approach is key to better digital experiences
  • How to rethink your content and campaign strategy and adapt to a data-driven digital world
  • How to deliver the right experience and track the actions of known and unknown audiences
  • Ways to bring together personalization, campaigns, and omnichannel delivery technologies