Cyber Risk Management: Does cyber risk get enough boardroom airtime?

Cybercrime is not a burgeoning criminal industry; it is an established threat with severe consequences that cannot be ignored by businesses – and it is up to the board to lead the fight back. This eBook from Camms – a leading global business software solution provider – explores why and how the board should be taking a proactive approach to managing cyber risk. 

This cyber onslaught against businesses throughout the world and across all industries poses the question: what is at stake for them? The financial, operational, and reputational implications of cybercrime can be crippling – and are a serious wake-up call for boards to prioritize cybersecurity:

• Intellectual property losses
• Legal expenses
• Reputational damage
• Business disruption
• Administrative cost

Having outlined the ever-growing threat posed to businesses by cyber-attacks, their consequences, 
and the impact at board level, this eBook from Camms answers two pertinent questions:

• What is the role of the board?
• How can an integrated risk management system help a business mitigate cyber risk?

Find out the answer to these questions, and much more, by downloading the whitepaper here.