Get Started with a Modern Employee Technology Experience

It’s odd to call anything good news right now. The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down. No one currently alive has experienced anything like it. However, this shock is forcing civilians and businesses to march rapidly into what has become the new normal, or in other words, the future of work. A critical tool that can aid in navigating the future of work is the employee experience (EX). Just as the age of the customer empowered consumers, today’s personal technology empowers employees to connect their personal values to corporate values. It helps build employee empathy and engagement and leads to high-level business outcomes such as retention of talent and brand advocacy.

In January 2020, Dell commissioned Forrester Consulting to explore how organizations can improve their employees’ experiences. Forrester conducted an online survey with two sets of groups: 3,103 information workers to understand employee sentiment on their experience, and 1,275 IT decision makers to identify the steps being taken to improve those experiences.

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