Biometrics & Digital Identity Verification – 2021 Data Protection & Privacy Regulation Insights

The events of 2020 have prompted a dramatic acceleration of online access, cyberattacks against businesses and consumers, and news headlines about the use of physical biometrics technology like facial recognition to prosecute crimes – or commit them.

One of the more novel approaches in this space is behavioral biometrics which is used to assure that the person on the other end of that network connection is who they claim to be, based on how they engage. But what are the regulatory, legal, and privacy challenges to leveraging physical or behavioral biometrics and the impacts of the choices you make for your organization and your customers?

Join CSO Worldwide Managing Director Bob Bragdon as he sits down with renowned UK analyst in biometrics, Alan Goode, former Washington State Assistant Attorney General, Jake Bernstein, Financial Crimes Investigator Dr. Shane Shook, and BehavioSec CEO Neil Costigan as they review the findings of Alan Goode’s new report on global data privacy regulations around these technologies, and examine their impacts on business, consumers, and the digital workforce that makes it all happen.

This webcast will be available for viewing on May 25, 2021 at 09:00 AM EDT.