What does it cost to build an in-house Public Warning Service front end? The True Cost of “Do It Yourself” (DIY)

Public Warning Service (PWS) are systems which government and public authorities use to alert the public (residents and visitors) of imminent and developing major emergencies and disasters. Such alerts or warnings may be transmitted to the population through a variety of modalities including:


  • alerts to mobile phone users
  • mobile apps, email, SMS, voice calls, social media posts
  • sirens, radio, tv, social media, TETRA, digital signage, and opt-in address based systems.

The European Union considers the protection of Europeans and anyone visiting the region a top priority. To ensure that all member states are prepared to alert citizens and respond to any public safety incident, emergency, or disaster in a targeted, fast, and reliable way, the EU Directive EECC Article 110 requires all European Union and European Economic Area countries to implement a PWS using mobile network communication channels by June 2022.