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The Cell Broadcast technology is standardized for all telecommunications networks, from 2G to 5G and works on a one-to-many basis; one message can be sent to millions of devices within a target area in seconds. The specified area may be a single radio cell or the entire mobile network. Cell Broadcast utilises dedicated network signaling and is unaffected by network congestion, making it a very powerful way to send rapid alerts and critical information to citizens, residents, and visitors in a specific area.

Although not new, cell broadcast:

  • Has been integrated into next-generation population alerting systems
  • Has improved over years benefiting from the underlying newer generations of networks
  • Is identified as a core technical component to comply with the European Directive (EECC Article 110)

Messages sent using Cell Broadcast are received by all devices connected to the network in a specific target area, making it an inherently location-based service. Over the years, Cell Broadcast has evolved to be feature-rich and user friendly.

Today, more than 20 countries worldwide have implemented Cell Broadcast
as their primary emergency population alerting technology.