7 Principles of Highly Effective Command Centers

Operational risk can come from a variety of sources both internal and external. When an operational risk impacts an organization’s people, assets, systems, supply chain, or brand, it becomes a critical event for that organization. Expertly managing such events is imperative for organizations, and in response, they have invested in command centers: physical or virtual spaces dedicated to providing an organization with a common operating picture and coordinated response to risk events and threats. This whitepaper explores seven principles that help an organization elevate the role and value of its command center, taking it from the “basement to the boardroom,” so to speak.


Download the whitepaper to learn:

  • How to align your command center to serve its mission and stakeholders and improve processes within your command center
  • Best practices on how to minimize loss, avoid disruptions and bounce back faster from major emergencies
  • Recommendations for expanding the role of command centers from a tactical operations center responding to threats to one that’s also a strategic competitive advantage for your organization