Migrating Legacy Applications to the cloud

Legacy hardware can be a hindrance and a worry when it comes to business continuity and disaster recovery plans, especially during these times of uncertainty. We can help you have confidence in your own continuity plans and break free from the legacy trap, migrate to the cloud, and we can do it remotely.

Stromasys’s Charon product emulates legacy hardware (HP 3000, DEC VAX and Alpha, PDP-11, and Sun SPARC) on modern x86 systems. It allows legacy applications to be migrated from old hardware that is beyond its end of life, to an emulated version of the old hardware on modern hardware. It is cloud-enabled, and will run on any cloud system, such as AWS, Oracle, Azure, or IBM. This white paper covers, in-depth, migrating such legacy applications to the cloud and therefore attaining those benefits, such as IT agility, access to new technologies, and security patching.

We can do virtual demos, as well as a proof-of-concept, running virtually, from your facility. Additionally, our solution can be installed remotely as well. Ongoing support services are also offered virtually.