The Total Economic Impact™ of GitHub Enterprise

The Total Economic Impact of GitHub™—a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting—demonstrates how GitHub accelerates innovation, reduces costs, and improves code security and compliance, resulting in up to 639% ROI, over 3 years. GitHub Enterprise customers ship more secure software, faster, with reduced cost: Customers interviewed noted that software quality and rate of delivery increased, vulnerabilities decreased, and consolidation to a single, more robust, platform reduced overall cost.

•    87% of survey respondents report reduction in support costs by moving to GHE
•    Onboarding and training time reduced by 40% with GHE due to developer familiarity with the platform
•    85% of survey respondents say GitHub helps organizations write and deploy better code
•    Developers save 45 minutes per day with GitHub
•    639% ROI after 3 years
•    Payback in less than 3 months after go-live