Is 2020 the Year that Collection and Recovery Gets Disrupted?

“Any industry that operates largely through labor-intensive repetitive processes is going to be a target for digital disruption”

                                         --Ed Wallen, Head of Development, FICO Customer Credit Lifecycle Solutions

Collection executives are worried about disruption, and with good reason. C&R is an especially attractive target because of the high amount of labor being expended to achieve low-percentage success rates. Would-be disruptors see a big opportunity for using analytics-driven digital processes to push labor costs and contingency rates way down and collected amounts and profit margins way up.

Is 2020 the year that Collection and Recovery gets disrupted? Download our Executive Brief to learn our predictions.

This brief discusses:

  • It’s not “if” but “when.” How quickly will disruption occur?
  • What are the sources of disruption?
  • How will this disruption affect customers – including your customers?
  • What are the opportunities for credit-granting organizations, and how can you take advantage of this disruption?