Keeping Up With Application Innovation: The State of Software Security

Thursday, November 08, 2018 at 01:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Across today’s business landscape, competitiveness often hinges on the speed and quality of software delivery. While some enterprises are thriving, others are struggling to keep up. Wherever they fall on that spectrum, all organizations race the competitive clock to deploy and evolve their game-changing applications. The question is, how well does application security keep up with it all.

Sign up for this upcoming webinar featuring Tim Jarrett of CA Veracode, who will tackle this fundamental question with the latest groundbreaking data from the State of Software Security (SOSS) Volume 9.  As in years past, SOSS research has provided a reliable yardstick for the most common vulnerabilities found in software, as well as insights into how organizations are measuring up to security industry benchmarks throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Hear results from CA Veracode’s collaboration with data scientists at Cyentia Institute, which features flaw persistence analysis - to demonstrate how customers prioritize the flaws they fix the fastest and to provide deeper visibility into the factors that go into fixing flaws such as:

  • Flaw severity, business criticality of applications, and exploitability;
  • Testing and QA requirements, product release cycles, and other exigencies of delivering software;
  • How implementing DevSecOps impacts the frequency of security scans, incremental fixes, and rates of flaw closures within the SDLC