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6 Considerations when Upgrading your Digital Infrastructure

In today's digital world, network performance is everything. That’s why choosing the right provider is so important. It’s a decision that can make or break your business. While it can be tempting to cut costs by going with an affordable, no-frills network, make sure you don't sacrifice network performance, security and visibility, which could cost you more in the long-run. Build a strong foundation for future success by learning which six crucial considerations you should make before upgrading your digital infrastructure.

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Protect Your Apps from Cyber Attacks: Best Practices

Apps are central to any digital business, and in today’s competitive marketplace, your applicationsare your business. Apps are vital to today’s always-connected world, giving customers, employees, and stakeholders access to important services.

Transforming the Digital Customer Experience

Businesses around the world are about to experience a seismic shift in the demands placed on their customer experience (CX) capabilities. The question is: how can companies expect to consistently delight customers with seamless, secure and intuitive CX in the future, when so many still struggle with CX strategies and initiatives today? Learn how organizations in Financial Services, Retail, Media, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil & Gas and Transport are transforming the digital customer experience.

Magic Quadrant for Network Services

Ready to differentiate your business with digital transformation, but not sure if we can help? Let’s solve that. Read what the analysts at Gartner have said about Verizon. We believe moving from a legacy infrastructure to a next-generation network is a big undertaking. Working with an experienced provider can help you choose the right solutions, navigate pitfalls and smooth the whole process.

Get Past the FUD of Virtualized, Software-Defined Services

Virtualization has the IT world buzzing, but not about its benefits. Instead of embracing the opportunities virtualization can offer, fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) is holding many IT professionals back. Don't let FUD keep you awake at night. Read our report to find out how IT teams can position themselves to thrive in today's digital environment.

Software-Defined Networking: Stay Ahead of the Competition

SDN adoption is accelerating, find out why. Read our report to gain insights from IT Leaders on the benefits organizations expect to see from software-defined networking (SDN), and the challenges that are holding some businesses back.

Embrace the Disruptive Power of Software-Defined Networking

Over two-thirds (67%) of North American organizations see their networks as very critical enablers of their business goals. That’s why they’ve been the quickest, so far, to deploy SDN. Read our report and gain additional insights from IT leaders on the key drivers accelerating SDN adoption in North America and how you can get in front of the curve.

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Cloud-Based Collaboration: Smart Choice for Agile Businesses

Organizations are adopting more collaboration tools because they deliver tangible business results. They not only help drive innovation, but they can improve the workplace itself—not just for employees, but for partners and customers who interact with it.

White Paper | Presented by CBTS

How to choose the right Hosted UC solution for your business

By 2020 the majority of business communications services are forecast to be cloud-based. With the right collaboration tools, you can be one of those agile companies that achieve better performance and results through the teamwork of employees, customers, and partners.

eBook | Presented by CBTS

Key steps to start your cloud communications journey.

Does your business need end to end support for your journey to the cloud? Create a successful cloud roadmap! From cloud discovery, assessment, strategy, and design, to migration, implementation and monitoring your environments, here’s how CBTS has you covered.

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