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Case Study | Presented by Vulcan Cyber

How FireEye Mandiant Uses Vulcan Cyber for Intelligent Vulnerability Remediation

A highlight from The Vulcan Cyber Remediation Summit 2021, watch this case study presented by FireEye, a Vulcan Cyber customer. Learn how FireEye prioritizes remediation efforts using Vulcan Cyber remediation campaigns and workflow orchestration. In an effort to address diverse and growing threats like an increase in zero-days threats, see how the FireEye internal cyber security team was able to achieve and measure 100% remediated status for a group of critical business assets.

Case Study | Presented by Vulcan Cyber

How Snowflake uses Vulcan Cyber to get fix done.

Risk management and remediation was very time-sensitive at Snowflake, with significant manual effort required. Using Vulcan Cyber platform has led to a much more efficient end-to-end vulnerability management program at Snowflake.

eBook | Presented by Vulcan Cyber

The cyber risk management maturity model

This eBook provides security and IT operations teams with a blueprint for transforming inefficient cyber risk management programs into agile, effective programs that scale to the needs of the business and reach the ultimate goal of risk remediation.

White Paper | Presented by Vulcan Cyber

The top five mistakes in cyber risk management

Vulnerability management an initiatives too often fall short of the objective to secure digital infrastructure. But moving from vulnerability management to vulnerability remediation isn’t easy. There are so many moving parts, with dozens of stakeholders, and infrastructure that is growing exponentially to meet the demands of the business.

White Paper | Presented by Vulcan Cyber

The top free and open source cyber risk management tools white paper

The number of newly disclosed vulnerabilities has been growing year after year for more than a decade. With so many new vulnerabilities to fix a notable number of free and open source tools have become available to help get fix done.