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White Paper | Presented by VeloCloud

SD-WAN Migration Strategies for Varying Network Architectures

This paper covers the migration design thought process,routing considerations, and a step-by-step migration path to insert your traditional WAN sites into an SD-WAN architecture.

White Paper | Presented by VeloCloud

Demonstrating SD-WAN Business Value; Rethinking the WAN for a Modern Age - Report by ESG

With the increased adoption of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), the nature of application usage and related data center usage is changing at a rapid pace, and traditional methods for meeting networking needs are neither cost-effective nor responsive enough to meet business needs. Today’s network users seek a better solution for connecting to their business-critical applications.

White Paper | Presented by VeloCloud

Global SD-WAN Vendor Market Mid-Year Forecasts, 2018

The SD-WAN market is in the early growth stage of the product lifecycle. Key factors driving market adoption include: cost savings from efficient usage of private and public networks, ability to optimize hybrid cloud connectivity, and applicationaware routing.

White Paper | Presented by VeloCloud

Gartner Report - Critical Capabilities for WAN Edge Infrastructure

Infrastructure and operations leaders responsible for networking are increasingly looking to new WAN edge solutions to address connectivity to on-premises and cloud-based application deployments.

White Paper | Presented by VeloCloud

Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure

WAN edge infrastructure is changing rapidly as I&O leaders responsible for networking face dynamic business requirements, including new application architectures and on-premises and cloud-based deployment models.

White Paper | Presented by VeloCloud

The SD-WAN Provides the Fast Path to the Virtual Cloud Network

As organizations prioritize digital transformation initiatives, many are finding that legacy networks are holding them back. To support new business models, cloud adoption, and an explosion in connected devices, modern networks must support interoperability across data centers, multiple clouds, branch locations, and edge devices.

White Paper | Presented by VeloCloud

Demystifying SD-WAN's Relationship to WAN Optimization

This document aims to demystify the relationship between the two, outline the market shifts that have led to a reduced WANop sector, and provide a recommendation on deploying both technologies in a modern enterprise WAN.

White Paper | Presented by VeloCloud

SD-WAN Becomes the Network

The network of yesterday is not the network that can take businesses into the future. As mission critical enterprise applications move to the cloud, wide area network (WAN) must adapt to become agile, flexible, and scale rapidly.

White Paper | Presented by VeloCloud

SD-WAN is a Critical Component in the Future of Retail

Digitization is reshaping the retail landscape across every industry faster than ever before. Just look at how the makeup of the Fortune 500 has changed from the early days of the digital era, in 2000. An alarming 52% of those companies have gone through acquisitions, mergers or bankruptcies, or they simply don’t exist anymore.

White Paper | Presented by VeloCloud

SD-WAN Simplified

Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is the application of software-based network technologies to WAN connections to more effectively route all network traffic between headquarters or data centers, remote and branch offices, and the cloud.

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