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Case Study | Presented by Spoke Software

Don't get slowed down by a complex ticketing system

IT Manager Steven Juanes at Pantheon struggled to get a bloated ticketing system like Freshservice to work for his agile, growing startup. With Spoke, he discovered simpler ticketing and AI- powered automation that gave him more uninterrupted time to work on his big projects.

Case Study | Presented by Spoke Software

Solving the challenges of a small IT team

Ryan Donnon runs all of IT at First Round Capital, including help desk support for employees and lives three time zones away from most of his customers. With Spoke, he found a way to give his customers the help they need at all times of day while giving himself more time to get more things done.

Case Study | Presented by Spoke Software

Struggling with unfriendly, complicated ticketing software?

Joe Russell at ALMACO inherited an overly-complex ticketing system and a clunky SharePoint knowledge base. With Spoke, Joe found a user- friendly help desk solution that both he and employees love. And he gets to spend a lot more of his time focused on his big projects.