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White Paper | Presented by Nuance

Biometrics: The Future of Authentication for Banking

Download this new whitepaper to see how they're using biometric technologies to provide customers with dramatically better experiences while realizing efficiency and security gains.

Case Study | Presented by Nuance

Barclays Improves the Client Experience With Voice Biometrics

Barclays Wealth and Investment Management is a leading global wealth manager, the UK's largest and among the top 10 globally. Its passion towards the delivery of world class customer service and an outstanding client experience was a key motivator in the decision to implement voice biometrics-based client verification.

White Paper | Presented by Nuance

Biometric security boom

Download the “Biometric Security Boom” white paper to learn why leading organizations are turning to highly sophisticated and secure multi-modal biometric authentication technologies to provide customers with a dramatically better experience and realize major efficiency and security gains.

White Paper | Presented by Nuance

Forrester Report: Adoption Of User – And Mobile – Friendly Biometrics Will Kill The Password”

As users increasingly demand frictionless authentication everywhere, biometrics solutions have garnered significant attention for both authentication and fraud prevention -especially on mobile and IoT devices. Their increasing adoption is hastening the demise of the industry's least user-friendly method: passwords.

Miscellaneous | Presented by Nuance

Don’t Let The Contact Center Be Your ‘Achilles Heel’ of Fraud Prevention

Read “Don't Let the Contact Center Be Your 'Achilles Heel' of Fraud Prevention” to learn why Gartner believes the technologies and techniques available to detect and prevent contact center fraud and omnichannel fraud have reached a maturity point that justifies investment and integration for most organizations that have the need to mitigate call center fraud.