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Cloud Management for Azure with New Signature

Cloud Management for Azure provides one partner for all of your Azure needs. New Signature experts cater to all your Azure-related requirements offering peace of mind and ensure your cloud investment will be optimized, managed and protected.

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Cloud Transformation Guide: 10 Things to Consider Before Your Azure Migration

You know that the size of your workloads, the growth of your business, and the cost to maintain your on-premises infrastructure is beginning to strain your budget. It’s time to upgrade, to progress your IT infrastructure and transform your cloud environment.

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Cloud Transformation Journey

No matter where businesses are in their cloud journey, they often struggle with important challenges that prevent them from realizing the full potential of cloud solutions. Here are some of the top challenges businesses saw in 2017 grouped by the stages of cloud readiness.

Video/Webcast | Presented by NewSignature

Go From Operating to Optimizing Your Azure Environment

You have taken the steps toward a more modern business in the Cloud, but have you strategically optimized your Azure environment to ensure you are obtaining the best value, performance and security?

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Managing the Modern Workplace with Microsoft 365

The Modern Workplace functions best with collaboration and mobility, which requires capable and integrated technology. However, that means additional layers of security are needed to ensure that devices and data are protected, with robust tools and reporting so businesses gain visibility into anomalous behavior not just react to a breach after it happens.

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New Signature Microsoft 365 Guide

Microsoft 365 is transforming the way businesses work around the globe. As a collection of products, they are available independently, but are bundled together because they are designed to work seamlessly with each other. Collectively, Windows 10, Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, and management tools including Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, and Yammer provide a best-together experience to help users effectively solve the real-world problems they encounter every day.

Case Study | Presented by NewSignature

Talk Talk’s Modern Workplace Drives 30% reduction in Service Desk Calls

Media and telco giant, TalkTalk, has over 4.5M customers, but outdated tools meant that for many of the employees, ten miles apart in geography seemed like 100 miles apart from our customers.

eBook | Presented by NewSignature

Transform your business with Microsoft Teams Guidebook

Today’s employees work in twice as many teams as they did five years ago and spend 50% more time on team working activities than two decades ago. And yet, many organizations still face major changes when it comes to ensuring people work together effectively. We all love teams. So what’s hindering teamwork?