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AI Opens the Door to Smart Vending

Find out how Shekel Brainweigh is giving retailers and machine operators better control over inventory and gaining valuable customer behavior insights that benefit consumer packaged-goods companies.

Accelerate IoT Analytics at the Retail Edge

Learn about the HP solution, HP Engage Edge, which comes preloaded with a sensor and cloud-agnostic software stack, out of the box.

AI-Assisted Videoconferencing Taps Into Virtual Meetings

Learn about the solutions from Logitech, which offers a plug-and-play system that allows customers to choose the model that best fits their needs.

AI Fire Detection: Computer Vision Guards the Forest

Find out how the AAEON Intelligent Forest Fire Monitoring System uses AI to detect smoke, activate an alarm, and even predict the direction and speed at which the fire will spread.

CV and AI: The Recipe For Online Food Delivery

Find out how an automated quality management system from UdyogYantra Technologies provides a seamless experience for customers – from ordering, cooking, inventory and quality management to delivery.

Fast Fashion Counts on AI and ML

Discover how AI expert helped the Dianshi Clothing Company deploy a smart-vision system that increases productivity and efficiency while reducing costs.

Health Tech Transforms Virtual Care

Learn how VeeMed quickly modified its VeeKast software to answer a COVID-related challenge, and how the software’s multiple applications can bolster patient care in many other settings.

Self-Service IIoT Platform Gives OT Experts an Edge

Discover how Software AG tackles these challenges and more through its Cumulocity Iot platform, which includes low-code tools for OT experts and unites edge, cloud, and on-premises systems in one architecture.

The IIoT Powers LV Substation Innovation

Find out how Kalkitech, a global provider of smart grid technology and solutions, is making digitization possible with its LV Substation Solution.