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5 Questions to Ask Before You Upgrade to a SIEM Solution - Content Provided by IBM

IT security teams have to protect their organizations from cyber attackers while also addressing internal and regulatory compliance requirements, such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS or GDPR. This is no small task. If you’re relying on a basic log manager or rudimentary spreadsheets to store and search through logs, chances are, you’re missing critical incidents.

CIOs Reinventing Technology and Business - Content Provided by IBM

This report examines how CIOs are changing themselves and their organizations to ready themselves for the future.

Integrated Threat Management for Dummies - Content Provided by IBM

If you are a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or security manager, this book explains in detail the types of tools you need to effectively prevent, detect, and respond to security incidents. If you’re in general business management, you'll better understand the risks associated with enterprise computing and the reasons why a comprehensive portfolio of security tools that work well together is so important.

Preparing for - and responding to - the inevitable IT breach - Content Provided by IBM

Every organization wants to avoid the loss of millions of dollars that can result from a major security breach - not to mention the potential loss in reputation and market share.

Six Steps for Building a Robust Incident Response Function - Content Provided by IBM

This is the decade of incident response. Organizations globally realize that working only to prevent and detect cyberattacks will not protect them against cyber security threats. That is why IBM Resilient was founded: to arm security teams with a platform for managing, coordinating, and streamlining incident response (IR) processes.

The Third Annual Study on the Cyber Resilient Organization - Content Provided by IBM

The Ponemon Institute and IBM Resilient are pleased to release the findings of the third annual study on the importance of cyber resilience for a strong security posture. The key takeaway from this year's research is that organizations globally continue to struggle with responding to cybersecurity incidents. Lack of formal incident response plans and insufficient budgets were reported as the main causes of this challenge.

Turning the Regulatory Challenges of Cloud into Competitive Advantage - Content Provided by IBM

The regulatory and legislative fallout of the global financial crisis continues to place intense pressure on the financial industry. Not only is the volume of regulations growing, so is their complexity - a result of the diverse and inconsistent array of regional and jurisdictional mandates being imposed on financial firms.

eBook | Presented by IBM Corporation

API for Dummies Handbook - Content Provided by IBM

This book is your guide to applying the power of APIs to business challenges from changing business models to embracing a world of devices.

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