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EDB Postgres VS. Oracle Enterprise

Organizations are increasingly choosing EDB Prostgres Enterprise as a standard Relational Database Management System new new and existing applications.

10 Tools every developer should have when working with PostgreSQL

This article lists 10 open source tools to help developers working with PostgreSQL.

The Future of Postgres in a Multi-Cloud World: A Developer Perspective

In an agile world, developers drive decisions! While IT architects, CIOs and CTOs still play a major role in setting up the list of allowed software packages, increasingly applicationspecific decisions are made by developers.

How to Monitor Postgres Like a Pro!

Monitoring is a critical element of the database ecosystem and for overall performance of the database. It also helps ensure that your database is in a healthy state and contributing to the long term stability of your database and application.

Deploying Postgres Databases in Containers

In this white paper, we explore at some depth what is driving the growth of containers, as well as the opportunities and challenges of a specific container use case: databases.

5 Questions to Ask When Designing Highly Available Databases

If you’re tasked with designing a highly available database, we detail five questions you need to consider before taking action.

6 Things a Developer Should Know about Postgres

For a long time now, PostgreSQL has been one of the most frequently deployed relational database management systems. Over the past few years, however, it has seen a sharp rise in popularity with developers.