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Adopting Zero Trust within Federal Government

The pandemic strained traditional IT defenses and recent attacks have exposed further weaknesses as once secure perimeters continue to disappear.

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CXOSync Roundtable: The Next SolarWinds: Are you Prepared?

Russian intelligence and Chinese hackers are responsible for a series of security breaches at multiple federal agencies impacting public and private sector organizations. This raises a complicated series of questions.

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Cybersecurity - Why You Should be Looking at Your Mainframe First

The role of the mainframe has changed. The opportunities for it to deliver value through cloud integration have increased, and accordingly so have the risks.

Solution Brief | Presented by CyberTheory

Extending Broadcom® Zero Trust to the Mainframe

The Zero Trust model is founded on the belief that an organization should not automatically trust anything inside or outside its perimeters and must verify everything trying to connect to its resources before granting access—based on identity, context, and trustworthiness.

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Full Mainframe Protection for The Entire Security Lifecycle

Advance Your Mainframe Security Today. Learn how to bring it all together and protect your business with trusted, proven Broadcom Mainframe security products with this eBook.

How Does Zero Trust Strengthen Mainframe Security?

Mainframes handle 70% of the world’s customer transaction workloads. Ninety-two of the top 100 global banks use the mainframe to provide banking services to their customers.

Is Zero Trust Challenging to Adopt?

On the surface, Zero Trust seems like an initiative that is more appropriate for a new system or application, not something one would hope to achieve on a system that is the core of your infrastructure - but Zero Trust isn’t a part number or software package you purchase.

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Zero Trust. A Fireside Chat with John Kindervag.

As risks grow, your security strategy should too. Broadcom's 'start anywhere' approach lets you effectively modernize mainframe security one strategic layer at a time, using the Protect Surface methodology to implement Zero Trust.

Video/Webcast | Presented by CyberTheory

Zero Trust Security for the Mainframe: Dispelling the Zero Trust Myths & Showcasing New Realities

The Zero Trust model, in the context of mainframe security might be different than you’d think. This interview with Stuart McIrvine from the RSA Conference 2021 breaks down the myths and showcases new realities.