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White Paper | Presented by Comodo

Beware: phishing attacks using SSL are on the rise

With the decrease in cost of SSL certificates, there has been an increase in the number of phishing websites using SSL certificates. The different levels of SSL certificates (DV, OV, EV) each provide unique visual identifiers and levels of trust. Learn more about the steps that companies can take to ensure their customers are protected, and the methods that are used across the industry.

White Paper | Presented by Comodo

Combating Attacks: Best Practices in Securing Your Digital Identity

As cyberattacks increase, so too does the defense of these attacks, which makes selecting the right certificate authority (CA) critical to your operations. Working with a trusted CA that is proactive, undergoes routine annual audits, and works closely with customers is a first step in protecting your enterprise. Learn more about what to look for when choosing a CA and the methods used to combat attacks.

White Paper | Presented by Comodo

Enterprise Certificate Authority Made Easy

When it comes to certificate management, there can be confusion between Microsoft CA (MSCA) and Comodo CA certificate management. What's the difference? And why should an enterprise consider Comodo CA Certificate Manager (CCM)? In a nutshell, CCM allows you to augment the Microsoft CAs capability to manage all certificates, not just Microsoft certs. CCM discovers certificates located in web servers and imports them for future automated management. Additionally, all certificates issued by the enterprise Microsoft CA will be automatically discovered and imported, including those issued prior to the Comodo CA service being installed.