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eBook | Presented by Citrix Systems Inc

Delivering highly available networks for the distributed enterprise - Citrix SD-WAN on AWS

Cloud technology has revolutionized the way global businesses operate. The ability to provision and de-provision IT resources on-demand and at a global scale gives them the agility to better support distributed workforces. Cloud providers also provide native access to innovative and emerging technologies, giving businesses of all sizes a path to retire inefficient processes and systems and drive new value from their critical applications.

Use cases to deliver stronger branch office connectivity

This white paper will explain how Citrix SD-WAN enables organizations to fulfill these initiatives and complement the benefits of the cloud. Furthermore, it will explore how to augment the capabilities of Citrix SD-WAN by running the solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Security Is Integral to the Workspace

This white paper explores why CIOs believe a digital workplace strategy directly enables future success, and how to ensure security around emerging workspace technologies.

Key Tactics for Securing Mobile, Global Employees

The mobile worker is here to stay. And with this style of work comes an expanded attack surface. Add in the increasing number and sophistication of cyber threats and you’re facing very real challenges. The answer lies in shifting away from traditional approaches—or combining old standbys with new tactics.

Empower Your Employees with Analytics

Though it may take a team of data analysts and scientists to assemble actionable business intelligence and insights, many predict employees themselves will need an understanding of analytics. Learn how to help create a team of data-savvy workers to distribute these insights across the business for real bottom-line impact.

4 Steps to a Flexible Digital Workspace

Today’s technology decision makers must recognize the differing needs of all workers, including Millennials, baby boomers, and Gen-Xers. But you must also take a leadership role in defining a flexible work environment that meets all your workers’ needs and helps drive your organization’s strategic goals.

Security & Technology Predictions: What’s Important

IT exec recognize the need for and benefits of digital work spaces, but security concerns abound. See what your peers predict for the future, and learn how to get your hands around what’s coming down the pipeline.

eBook | Presented by Citrix Systems Inc

Securing the Digital Workspace

The building blocks for the future of work lie in three categories: Digital Workspace, Networking, and Analytics. Together, they provide the most complete solution for accessing apps and data, managing IT infrastructure, and unleashing employee productivity. Learn how to master these categories in order to launch your business into digital success.

eBook | Presented by Citrix Systems Inc

The Guide to Multi-Dimensional ADC Scaling for Digital Transformation

You need an ADC that can reduce your app delivery costs by managing capacity centrally, and allocating bandwidth flexibly across your network. How do you select an ADC solution that will protect your investment and help you respond to changing conditions?

Protect against zero day threats and malware video

Ransomware, phishing attacks, and zero day exploits are the biggest nightmares facing IT today. You've seen it in the headlines, hackers targeting organizations, with all kinds of malware designed to not only steal sensitive data, but to encrypt it and hold it for ransom. But Citrix can help stop these attacks on day zero. Watch this video and we’ll show you how.

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