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The Forrester Wave™: ECM Business Content Services, 2017

Enterprise Content Management is a market in transition. And as demand for modernization becomes widespread, long-time leaders are investing in new capabilities to keep up — and bringing more of the market to the cloud to meet the needs of users and IT managers alike.

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Get smarter about content in the cloud

Why you need AI in your enterprise content strategy details how the emergence of artificial intelligence is a game changer for enterprise content management because it can deliver business insights at scale and make your employees more productive.

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5 considerations for transforming ECM with cloud content management

Check out our ebook, 5 Considerations For Transforming Your ECM Strategy With Cloud Content Management, and learn how to bring your people and information together in the cloud.

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5 reasons the SaaS revolution needs a unified content strategy

As the needs of organizations grow more complex, delivering enterprise content that addresses the shift to mobility, usability and flexibility are key. Enterprise SaaS applications are creating demand for a new "inside-out" view of content management, extending capabilities to organizations and users who never had access. Until now.

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5 steps to good governance

Self-governing documents take the pain out of compliance. When compliance is made easier it actually happens. That's the idea behind self-governing documents from Box Governance. Self-governing documents let you automatically protect sensitive content with intelligent policies.

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The life changing magic of information governance

In this eBook, we’ll introduce you to information governance–and how to jump start your content governance strategy by focusing on three of its most critical components: document retention, defensible discovery, and security classification.

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4 reasons your content is more secure in the cloud

Today, more companies than ever are migrating their content, processes and workflows to the cloud. In fact, more than half of IT spending in 2018 will be dedicated to cloud-based projects according to IDG.

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Do you have a concrete plan for tackling the Global Data Protection Regulation?

Coverage on the GDPR has largely been negative but the regulation is really an opportunity to get your company's data privacy and content management in order, and in turn, positively impact business outcomes. The improvements to data collection, stewardship and sharing can minimize your chances of exposure, keep customers happy, and improve business performance

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Protect your company’s information assets

Information is, arguably, an organization’s most important asset. Regardless of where it resides, it must be governed. If not governed properly, information is subject to misuse, loss, and mismanagement, resulting in poor organizational performance and even worse, could lead to adverse consequences such as legal proceedings and regulatory fines.

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5 core functions in your business that require good information governance

In the rush to achieve digital transformation, governance often ends up an afterthought. That's bad news because these non-negotiable controls and polices end up creating headaches for end users and whole departments. Turns out, governance is an essential component of your digital transformation. Automating these back-office functions as much as possible is key to unlocking the productivity gains inside digital transformation.

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