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eBook | Presented by BOX INC

5 Core Functions in Your Business that Require Good Information Governance

In the rush to achieve digital transformation, governance often ends up an afterthought. That's bad news because these non-negotiable controls and polices end up creating headaches for end users and whole departments. Turns out, governance is an essential component of your digital transformation. Automating these back-office functions as much as possible is key to unlocking the productivity gains inside digital transformation.

eBook | Presented by BOX INC

Box and ECM: Key integrations that drive digital transformation

Legacy ECM solutions simply can't keep up with the way you work today. Work is more mobile, more collaborative, more agile. Business processes must be intelligent. And customer expectations never stop growing.

White Paper | Presented by BOX INC

Collaboration for today's workforce: 3 ways any team can work better with Box

To read how Box customers are using Cloud Content Management to enact practical transformation across teams, and to find out how you too can use Box to benefit every line of business within your organization, download our ebook, Collaboration for the new workforce: 3 ways any team can work better with Box.

eBook | Presented by BOX INC

Secure and connect all your productivity tools in the cloud

Content is among an organization's most critical assets. It flows through every aspect of a company, from people to systems to processes. But as teams grow and the breadth of their content expands, these valuable assets get fragmented across the different tools they use.

White Paper | Presented by BOX INC

4 Reasons Your Content is More Secure in the Cloud

Download IDG's new ebook, 4 Reasons Your Content is More Secure in the Cloud, and learn how Cloud Content Management helps accelerate your business and improves collaboration across the extended enterprise.

Video/Webcast | Presented by BOX INC

5 Best Practices for Governing Your Content in the Cloud

Join Paul Falor, Chief Information Officer & Head of Strategic Alliances, North Highland and Josh Rosenberg, Sr. PMM Information Governance, Box to see how your organization can effectively govern content while keeping its people productive.

eBook | Presented by BOX INC

5 Steps to Good Governance

Self-governing documents help reduce the likelihood of fines and lawsuits by streamlining compliance with regulations such as FINRA and SEC. The process is intuitive and invisible to employees, so they can focus on their core mission: serving customers and growing your business.

White Paper | Presented by BOX INC

Discover the magic: Box a leader in Content Collaboration Platforms for 2017 - USE THIS ONE

Check out the full report from Gartner to learn about which Content Collaboration Platforms could work for your business.

White Paper | Presented by BOX INC

Do you have a concrete plan for tackling the Global Data Protection Regulation?

Coverage on the GDPR has largely been negative but the regulation is really an opportunity to get your company's data privacy and content management in order, and in turn, positively impact business outcomes.

eBook | Presented by BOX INC

eBook: Securing Business Information with Box

Box recentralizes control over content, making files easy to access company-wide, access rights simple to control by IT and providing the highest level of security and governance.

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