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Research/Infographic | Presented by Okta

Infographic: Modernizing Enterprise IT, Motivators and Challenges

Many organizations are embracing an approach to modernizing IT. And the benefits of replacing legacy infrastructure are clear, including reduced costs and increased business agility. But modernizing IT can mean different things to different IT leaders, and the reasons behind it can vary from business to business. IDG recently surveyed IT decision-makers to understand their priorities for the next 12 months.

SE Labs Predictive Advantage Test Report

For years, organizations have been stuck in an endless chase cycle: an attacker compromises the system, and then, analysts scramble to stem the attack and work to return to a trusted state. Why?

Is Your Communications Plan Costing You Time and Money?

Every business’s communications needs are different. But everyone can agree that efficiency, productivity, and cost are key to the right communications system.

Infographic: Performance Benefits of NVMe over Fibre Channel - A New, Parallel, Efficient Protocol

For this test report, Demartek worked with NetApp and Broadcom (Brocade and Emulex divisions) to demonstrate the benefits of NVMe over Fibre Channel on the NetApp AFF A700s, Emulex Gen 6 Fibre Channel Adapters, and Brocade Gen 6 Fibre Channel SAN switches.

Mobile Threat Intelligence Report

This report reviews worldwide threat intelligence data collected by the SEP Mobile Research Team, from globally-deployed mobile security agents and millions of monthly security tests from January through December 2017.

NetApp HCI. Enterprise-Scale.

Focus on innovation that can transform you into a data-centric organization. Explore four ways below that NetApp HCI can help you build a Next Generation Data Center.

Leveraging the Power of the Next Generation Data Center

Next Generation Data Center design involves a unified approach in applying five architectural principles across each layer of the data center framework. This approach affects the software, processes and people supporting the entire delivery stack. You can’t run a modern data center with yesterday’s technologies.

Research/Infographic | Presented by DELL

Checklist for a successful student access initiative

Providing student access is a huge undertaking, but it doesn't need to be a headache. From your first stakeholder meeting to putting devices in student hands, here's what your distinct needs to know to ensure a smooth integration.

5 Signs You’re Ready for the Workspace Revolution

Is your organization prepared for what’s ahead? Empower your teams today with the tools they need boost productivity — anytime, anywhere, on any device.

The Hidden Drain on Productivity

Are fragmented communication tools and frequent unproductive meetings eroding your business’ performance ... and affecting your bottom line? Here’s how to get a handle on it.

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