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White Paper | Presented by OneNeck

5 Reasons All-Flash Is Ideal for Data-Driven Organizations

The capacity to scale for data growth, and the assurance that apps have the data when they need it, gives organizations better velocity and time to value with new business initiatives. Read our blog to learn more about how HPE 3PAR StoreServ All-Flash Storage, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, helps accelerate business.

White Paper | Presented by 5Nine Software

5 Signs SCVMM Isn't The Right Fit For Your Datacenter

SCVMM is considered one of the leading Hyper-V management platforms available, but it's not necessarily right for all datacenters. It was supposed to help you get the most out of virtualization-but is it?

Password Management is Critical to Your Cybersecurity Strategy

From generating strong passwords to monitoring the security score of your company, today's world-class password managers are powerful assets in the war to defend your company against cyber criminals.

What to Look for When Evaluating A Password Management Solution

This guide will look at the many factors which, when combined, essentially mandate that all organizations, SMBs in particular, deploy and use the best password management solution for their unique needs.

White Paper | Presented by Bitsight

40 Questions You Have in Your Vendor Security Assessment

Our goal with this guide is to help you get started with the creation of your vendor security risk assessment. This is not intended to be an out-of-box security assessment solution, but rather, a guide to get you headed in the right direction. We'll explain the top three frameworks you should be examining, questions you may want to consider (and why you should potentially consider them) and what else to include in your VRM program.

White Paper | Presented by Bitsight

5 Ways Your Vendor Risk Management Program Leaves You In The Dark

Relationships with vendors are important (or even vital) for many organizations, but unfortunately, there's a trade-off - the more data you share, the more risk you acquire. Unfortunately, current risk assessment methods don't paint a complete picture, and they are often biased and insufficient when used alone. Within these pages, we're going to explore how VRM programs often leave you in the dark, and what you can do about it.

White Paper | Presented by Bitsight

A CIO's Guide for Reducing Security Anxiety

In this guide, we'll walk through the following: Why cybersecurity bench marking is difficult for the modern CIO, different methods of bench marking you may be involved in (or want to consider), how Security Ratings may solve many bench marking challenges. Download this free guide today so you can establish your bench marking plan

White Paper | Presented by Nuance

Biometric security boom

Download the "Biometric Security Boom" white paper to learn why leading organizations are turning to highly sophisticated and secure multi-modal biometric authentication technologies to provide customers with a dramatically better experience and realize major efficiency and security gains.

White Paper | Presented by Bitsight

Cybersecurity: The New Metrics

"How secure are we?" That's one of the most common questions asked by boards and senior managers. But security and technology leaders do not always have ready answers, says Jacob Olcott of BitSight Technologies. Are they even using the right security metrics?

White Paper | Presented by Bitsight

Exploring Data Security in the Legal Sector & Beyond

BitSight's fourth Annual Industry Index compares the cybersecurity performance of the Legal sector to five other industries: Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Government, and Energy/Utilities. The study explores how the cybersecurity posture of the Legal sector has changed over time and, as a critical supplier to most industries, whether its security performance should raise concerns for vendor management and information security teams.

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