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Buyer's Guide for SD-WAN

Digital transformation is reshaping the business landscape faster now than at any other time in history. While it once took decades to disrupt a market, natively digital companies have disrupted their industries in just half a decade

Miscellaneous | Presented by ARM Ltd

AI Today, AI Tomorrow: The Arm 2020 Global AI Survey

Not all AI devices are created equal. Some need only a small amount of data to perform useful tasks – others need to know everything about us. So, what makes people comfortable with one AI use case and uncomfortable with another? And how flexible is the line between them?

Miscellaneous | Presented by IBM

A Tale of Two SIEMS

The difference between operating in the best of times and worst of times is choosing the right SIEM. Keeping pace with advanced threats on a legacy SIEM can usher in an age of uncertainty for your corporate security. Operate in an age of wisdom with IBM Security QRadar, an intelligent, next-gen SIEM platform that takes the fight directly to threats.

ESG - Quantifying the Economic Benefits of LTO-8 Technology

See ESG’s economic validation report ont eh economic benefits of LTO-8 technology for long-term data retention.

Rethinking Networks for the Next Decade

As enterprises plan their network migration strategies, they will want to carefully consider the partner that will support this transition.

Software Testing in the Age of Iterative Development

Find out how today's software development teams are grappling with faster release cycles and limited resources in this infographic.

Tape and Cloud: Solving Storage Problems in the Zettabyte Era of Data

See how the use of LTO Technology compares and even compliments storage options available today.

What's the Big Deal About SD-WAN?

SD-WAN done right creates real-world outcomes.

Will SD-WAN Enhance Your Enterprise Networks for the Cloud? A Buyer's Guide to SD-WAN

What value can SD-Wan bring to your business? The future is bright. GTT SD-Wan gives you the power to transform.

Miscellaneous | Presented by Databricks

2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms

Gartner names Databricks a Magic Quadrant Leader in Data Science and Machine Learning Platform.

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