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eGuide | Presented by Zscaler

The Definitive Guide to Branch Transformation

To realize the full potential of cloud applications, you need direct-to-internet connections—and that requires a fundamental change in the way you approach networking and security. By understanding a few key requirements, you can architect the ideal solution that simplifies IT operations and securely routes branch traffic direct to the internet.

eGuide | Presented by Citrix Systems Inc

Business Agility via Cloud

Yes - cloud has gone mainstream. It’s just too hard to ignore all its benefits: agility; closer collaboration between IT departments and business units; faster feedback loops; easier design of products and services. Cloud allows you to investigate machine learning, chatbots, the Internet of Things, and other disruptive technologies. Are you on board too? Let us acquaint you with the voices of IT leaders who have gone down this road and have some wisdom to impart.

eGuide | Presented by NewSignature

Cloud Transformation Guide

10 Things to Consider Before Your Azure Migration

eGuide | Presented by SelectHub

Top BI Analytics Tools - Definitive Pricing Guide 2018

Get an in-depth comparison of the costs and implementation models for the top BI tools for 2018. This practical guide reveals actual costs, product limitations and key competitors for the most popular business analytics solutions.

eGuide | Presented by Red Hat

Red Hat Open Innovation Labs E-Book

Red Hat Open Innovation Labs is an immersive residency for modernizing application development. Developing applications can take years and cost millions, and security, compliance, and privacy requirements stall progress.

eGuide | Presented by MicroStrategy

8 Analytics Trends to Watch in 2018 for the Intelligent Enterprise

With the world's biggest brands being constantly challenged and upended by disruption, a recent survey reveals that 85% of enterprise decision makers feel they have just two years to make significant inroads on digital transformation before suffering financially and/or falling behind their competitors. Ready or not, the future is here. For enterprise organizations, it must be a data-driven one.

SD-WAN Has Arrived

Having a router with a leased line was an excellent way to connect your branch office to your datacenter, but those days are over. Progressive companies are already reaping the benefits of SD-WAN recognizing improved performance, quality of service and security all while dramatically reducing their costs. This eGuide is a collection of perspectives on how SD-WAN is quickly becoming the architecture of choice for the branch in the cloud era.

Executive Brief: Mitigate Avaya risk and future-proof your customer experience

Establish a solid foundation to support your success by moving to an omnichannel environment. With an open, stable and proven customer experience platform, you can manage your short-term risks while meeting the needs of your customers today and tomorrow.

The CSO identity management survival guide

This guide will help you communicate through the challenges of identity management, learn from success stories and discover the most valuable features of today's identity management tools.