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eBook | Presented by Red Hat

Hybrid Cloud Strategy for Dummies eBook

Cloud computing is proliferating and taking over the world of IT as we know it. Cloud computing also grows more complex and multi-faceted daily. Getting onto the cloud is easy. Getting it right is trickier.

eBook | Presented by Bitsight

Creating Efficiencies In Vendor Risk Management

Today, organizations are focused heavily on core competencies and keys to success. This - coupled with the rapid growth of software as a service (SaaS) - has led to increased outsourcing of certain business functions to vendors who can perform these functions better, faster, or cheaper. Therefore, there are more third-party relationships today than ever before - and this comes with a variety of benefits and consequences.

eBook | Presented by Veeam Software

Building a Converged Infrastructure that Just Won't Quit

Read to see how Veeam technology can maximize the performance of Cisco, Dell EMC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and NetApp converged infrastructure platforms, and see how businesses can benefit from an integrated approach to application and data Availability. Learn what it means when Always-On truly means Always-On!

eBook | Presented by Iovation

Multi-Factor Authentication for Dummies

This book introduces IT professionals to next-generation multi-factor authentication (MFA), an approach to authentication that goes well beyond usernames and passwords to provide the right level of security assurance at the right time, anytime

eBook | Presented by KMS Technology

5 Burning Questions for IT Pros Exploring DevOps

As more organizations embrace the development methodology, many IT professionals find themselves needing to develop DevOps skills themselves or establish training programs for staff they oversee.

eBook | Presented by Red Hat

Container Storage for Dummies

Although many organizations still use traditional storage appliances, they don't offer the agility needed by containerized environments. Containers are highly flexible and bring incredible scale to how apps and storage are delivered; traditional storage can be the bottleneck that stops this progress.

eBook | Presented by Centrify Corporation

Security's Password Crisis

This ebook helps you determine whether your company has an access issue and outlines ways to lower your risk of getting breached by increasing your identity and access (IAM) maturity through adopting a Zero Trust approach with the right IDaaS solution. You'll learn the best practices to establish identity assurance, limit lateral movement, enforce least privilege and audit everything. Discover how to avoid a Password Crisis.

eBook | Presented by Centrify Corporation

Security's Privilege Crisis

With compromised credentials as today's #1 threat vector, and the premium hackers place on privileged access, status quo is a treacherous security path to remain on. This eBook looks at what's behind the privilege crisis, helps you assess how your privileged access management strategy stacks up and proposes a rethink in your approach - one that better addresses the needs of the hybrid enterprise.

eBook | Presented by NWN Corporation

3 Simple Ways to Improve Endpoint Security

Today's end user computing (EUC) environment is complex ― and growing exponentially. Tablets. Smartphones. Cloud applications. The list of EUC endpoints goes on and on. To protect valuable company information, which can be accessed at any number of these EUC endpoints, its imperative companies keep pace with rapid user-level technology growth and an increasingly mobile workforce to pro-active protect against EUC threats.

eBook | Presented by Neustar Inc

Global DDoS Attacks & Cyber Security Insights Report

Determined DDoS attackers are running into more determined defenders, but unfortunately they are achieving more breach success than a year ago, especially in terms of reported theft. As digital transformation to cloud technologies in the modern enterprise continues to take hold, organizations will need to evolve protection strategies and continue to work to counter ever-evolving DDoS assaults.

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