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Pandemic Ready: How BlackBerry Is Keeping Employees Safe Case Study

Now more than ever, organizations need to establish resilient, sustainable, and flexible communication.

Case Study | Presented by NetApp

SAP Case Study: CONA Services

Coke Bottlers get a sweet deal from CONA Services, Microsoft Azure and Azure NetApp Files

Case Study | Presented by Kofax

Crete Carrier Corporation Revolutionizes its Logistics Operations

By automating the complicated and time-consuming task of appointment scheduling, Crete Carrier can secure optimal delivery slots—boosting its chances of getting orders to customers on time and via the most cost-effective routes. Learn how Crete Carrier revolutionized its logistics operations with robotic process automation and freed its staff to focus on building better relationships with customers.

Case Study | Presented by Kofax

Five Case Studies to Inspire Your Intelligent Automation Strategy

Discover how to digitally transform your operations end-to-end and scale across the enterprise via these 5 case studies from organizations in industries such as financial services, insurance, healthcare, transportation and logistics.

Case Study | Presented by Comm100

Comm100 Chatbot Resolves 91% of Assigned Live Chats for Tangerine

In today’s competitive environment, failure to resolve customer issues quickly and completely isn’t an option.

Case Study | Presented by M-Files Inc.

How a Top Professional Services Firm Tapped M-Files to Streamline Operations & Enhance the Customer Experience

In this case study, find out how one global professional services organization sought to enrich their information management strategy — all in alignment with overarching objectives of streamlining their operations and delivering a world-class customer experience.

Case Study | Presented by NowSecure

Bank Safeguards Mobile Assets with NowSecure

To enable digital transformation, financial institution accelerates the DevOps pipeline and protects users with mobile app security testing and vetting solutions. Learn more about the benefits the bank achieved in this case study.

Case Study | Presented by NowSecure

MyOwnMed Ensures Compliance of Critical COVID-19 Mobile App

Clinical informatics company taps NowSecure for robust mobile application security services.

DTCC Reduces Password Reset Calls To The IT Help Desks

Hitachi ID Systems offered a complete Self Service password management solution, thorough knowledge, and an excellent proof of concept.

Large Bank Improves Institution Wide Services With Self Serve Password Management

Hitachi ID is the only industry leader delivering identity and privileged access management across a single platform to ease implementation as your IAM and PAM roadmaps evolve.

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