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White Paper | Presented by Veeam

Mission Assured Data Protection

Veeam’s Federal customers have missions that only they can accomplish, and they need data protection that ensures they can complete those missions no matter what.

Accelerating Data Center Innovation with New Generation Supermicro Solutions

Supermicro is the leading innovator in high-performance, high-efficiency server technology. We are a premier provider of advanced Server Building Block Solutions® for Datacenter, Cloud, Embedded, HPC, and Enterprise customers worldwide.

10 Reasons Why 15,000+ Businesses Point DNS to Cisco Umbrella

Cisco’s Umbrella global network handles more than 100 billion DNS requests daily, delivering best-in-class practices and ultra-reliable service and security. Download the feature brief to learn the 10 reasons why more than 85 million users trust Cisco for their DNS services.

Data Transformation Success Depends on Cutting-edge Storage Solutions

As virtually all business operations go digital, selecting the platforms that serve up and store data has become critical for modern data center operations.

Select the Right Device for Data-Driven Policing

Find out what contributes to achieving effective data-driven policing.

2020 Data Threat Report - Global Edition

The cloud and digital transformation are putting enterprises’ sensitive data at risk. This report is based on a global IDC web-based survey of 1,723 executives with responsibility for or influence over IT and data security. Read about the problems, and what to do about them.

Quantum computing & quantum-safe security

This paper looks at the implications of quantum computing on the cybersecurity landscape. Finally, this paper explains the need for organizations to embrace crypto-agility within their encryption solutions, so that they remain secure both today, and in the post-quantum era.

Build a strong foundation for data privacy and security

In organizations that are complex or have siloes of data, the lack of a clear view of sensitive data can make it very difficult to apply effective policies and controls to protect this most critical asset. This ever-evolving regulatory landscape leaves companies to interpret and comply with a growing patchwork of state, global, and industry-specific data privacy and security laws, creating significant risks for compliance.

eBook | Presented by Thales eSecurity

2020 Access Management Index Research Report

The 2020 Access Management Index research report surveys over 300 industry professionals in and Brazil with responsibility for, or influence over, IT and data security. This guide tracks trends, vulnerablilities and options for securing and optimizing your Access Management Solutions.

eBook | Presented by Thales eSecurity

Access Management Handbook

Over the years, you may have heard a lot about access management. In fact, we tended to use the terms “authentication” and “access management” pretty much to mean the same thing. But in fact there are differences between the two. While authentication validates a user’s identity, access management determines that a user has the permission to access a certain resource and enforces the access policy that has been set up for that resource.

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