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White Paper | Presented by Technologent

Cloud Migration Planning

In this document, we will highlight the best practices and methodology that should be followed when planning a migration to VMware Cloud on AWS. We will concentrate on 5 areas of discussion: Migration Data Collection, Data Analysis and Application Weighting, Collection and Analysis Tools, Migration Options and finally VMware Migration Service options.

Miscellaneous | Presented by Logicalis

Modernize with Pure Storage & Veeam

Learn how these leaders in data availability and all-flash enterprise storage together deliver intelligent data management and everything you need in a data platform to meet SLAs for all applications and data.

White Paper | Presented by Iron Mountain

Phoenix Data Center Market

Read this evaluation of the Phoenix data center market, which includes an overview of major disaster recovery data storage, collocation, and cloud providers located there.

White Paper | Presented by Hitachi

Data Protection: Downtime is Money

Finding the right data protection and recovery solution for complex enterprise infrastructures is a formidable challenge. Traditional backup and recovery solutions cannot keep up with or meet today’s business-critical requirements. Read this white paper to learn smarter approaches to data protection and recovery. See how to radically improve key performance metrics – including business continuity – as well as backup windows, operational recovery and disaster recovery.

eBook | Presented by Hitachi

E-Book: The Language of Data Infrastructure Modernization

Consider the key trends driving the modernization of the data infrastructure: focus on governance, mobilization and analytics. And take a look at the technologies that make up modern data infrastructure, including artificial intelligence (AI), flash storage, converged and hyperconverged platforms, and software-defined infrastructures. Read this e-book to observe the key trends driving the modernization of data infrastructure and see how organizations are adapting and flourishing in a data-driven world.

Miscellaneous | Presented by Hitachi

Forbes Insights: How Prepared Is Your Data Center for the Digital Era?

Technology is a fast-moving target, and organizations need agility and flexibility to compete. By modernizing your data center and maximizing the value of your corporate data, your company can gain those qualities. In this Forbes Insights checklist, learn how to derive value from your corporate data and embrace three elements of a modernized data center: an agile data infrastructure, a modern approach to data protection, and intelligent data center operations.

White Paper | Presented by Hitachi

Simplify Data Protection and Recovery

Data is one of the most valuable assets in your enterprise. Ensuring that your data is protected, should the worst possible scenario occur, is vital. However, no single data protection tool can offer complete peace of mind. Use the right tools for each job but manage them from one place. Read this white paper to see how Hitachi Vantara takes a unified approach to modern data protection and simplifies data protection.

The Art of Decommissioning Your Data Center

The role of the traditional data center is shifting quickly due to the proliferation of interconnected devices, cloud providers, edge services, and SaaS offerings. In this webcast, Arrow Electronic Inc.’s Christian Pruett and Equinix’s Corey D’Angelo weigh the pros and cons of your many data center options and share best practices to follow should you decide to change up your data center.

eGuide | Presented by Hitachi

Your Data Center: Why Putting Off Modernization Hinders Success

Business leaders recognize that their industries and markets are either being disrupted or have the potential to be disrupted by nimble digital players. In order to compete, senior IT leaders need to modernize their data centers. In this Forbes Insights Executive Briefing, learn how to embrace an agile data infrastructure, modern data protection, and intelligent operations to reap the benefits of a truly modernized data center.

White Paper | Presented by Logicalis

What Is Next-Generation Data Protection?

While previous generations of backup and storage were built on a common theme—source, process, store and restore data faster and cheaper—they no longer effectively meet today’s expectations for rapid restore and immediate access. That’s why today’s organizations are looking to next-generation data protection strategies to provide rapid data access.

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