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White Paper | Presented by Serenova

7 Reasons Why a Cloud-Based Contact Center is the Way to Deliver on Customer Experience

Sometimes, your contact center agents are the first impression someone has of your company. Other times, they're the only interaction customers have with your organization. With the customer experience on the line, how can you be sure your contact center can meet – and exceed – expectations?

White Paper | Presented by Serenova

Quality Management and Your Cloud Contact Center

Your contact center needs to work hard to stand out and positively impact customer retention and satisfaction. A typical business only hears from 4% of its unhappy customers – and 91% of them say they won't do business with that company again. By leveraging solutions such as Quality Management, you can pinpoint areas for improvement and position your contact center to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

FlexPod Managed Private Cloud: On-Premises Private Cloud with Public Cloud Functionality

The cloud is a cornerstone of IT strategy, but IT leaders are faced with complex choices between different types of public and private cloud offerings. The best approach is to establish a common platform based on FlexPod converged infrastructure.

12 Things You Should Know About Migrating To Microsoft Azure With A Managed Cloud Service Provider

The cloud is transforming enterprise IT, and a key element driving this change is the availability of highly sophisticated public cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure. Designed from the ground up by Microsoft, Azure is a comprehensive platform that enables enterprises to quickly build, deploy and manage cloud-based solutions from its network of more than 30 data centers around the world.

Video/Webcast | Presented by BOX INC

Applied AI: Finding Use Cases for AI in Your Business Strategy

Join us as Mike Schwartz, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Box, walks through the basics of AI and cloud content management, how and where they intersect, and why this powerful combination of technologies can enable multiple business benefits.

Choosing the Right Path to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is the fastest-growing public cloud, adopted by more than 90% of the Fortune 500. And there are many great reasons why so many are making the move. But migration to and management of Azure can be complicated and place a huge burden on IT teams that lack bandwidth or expertise.

Navisite Azure Management Solutions for SQL Server Migrations

Data and analytics are at the core of any enterprise growth strategy today—and you can be sure they will be tomorrow too. Taking full advantage of the information you have about your markets, customers and operational performance is essential to driving competitive advantage.

Navisite Azure Management Solutions for VMware Migrations

Instead of maintaining costly on-premises virtualized deployments of virtual machines (VMs)—and the attached storage and hardware required to run them—VMware customers can transition workloads to the Azure cloud (without requiring modifications to their VMware environments) and achieve savings that are much greater than with other public cloud providers.

NAVISITE QUICK TIPS: Choosing the right path and partner for Azure

If you’re like many organizations, you’ve at least kicked the tires on Microsoft Azure. And you likely know that by moving your data, workloads, infrastructure and applications to Azure, you’ll be more nimble, innovative and cost-effective.

Why are Organizations Choosing Azure Over AWS?

Azure is quickly emerging as a leader among public cloud providers, providing services on par with and surpassing the portfolio of offerings from AWS. Azure adoption is on the rise and selecting the right MCSP for your cloud adoption journey can help boost the success rate. With its salient features and unique value proposition as an MCSP, Navisite is the right partner for organizations exploring Azure.

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