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Mastering a Multi-cloud Approach

Manage the flow of data and applications across data centers and cloud platforms, while avoiding vendor lock-in, and enhancing efficiency, flexibility, and scalability.

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5 Reasons Why You Need a Dynamic Hybrid WAN For Successful Digital Transformation

Smart companies understand that digital transformation is essential to stay ahead. And a successful transformation requires agile, reliable hybrid connectivity from your headquarters to your data center, branch offices and clouds.

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Decisions ahead: Navigating your journey to the cloud

Cloud computing is at the center of your business's digital strategy. As you strive to support new business initiatives, enable innovation, accommodate growth and bolster resiliency, the cloud will become an even more vital part of your IT journey. But what is the best path to the cloud for your business?

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Digital Transformation: How Hybrid IT Outsourcing Shifts IT Focus to Innovation

Getting started on this journey is critical to your long-term success. By using outsourcing to achieve savings in IT infrastructure, IT groups can apply more of their budget to innovation. Even a relatively small percentage reduction in infrastructure cost can dramatically increase the funding available for new applications and other business-critical initiatives that enable the organization’s overall success. In today’s intensely competitive business environment, your IT resources are finite but your possibilities are endless through Digital Transformation.

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Network Security That’s Built Right In

Get game-changing control with a Zero Trust Security model that combines hop-by-hop authentication, selective encryption, and granular segmentation—all built right into the network.

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Preparing for Multi-Cloud Management Success

As enterprises adopt multiple hybrid cloud solutions, IT organizations face new demands to manage the complexity and support their various lines of business. To realize the full potential, these organizations are discovering that a forward-thinking approach to multi-cloud management (MCM) is imperative. Learn how to build a successful strategy.

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Learn how Alfa-Bank, one of the largest Russian private banks, ensures 24x7 availability and service quality of vital online banking systems. The bank’s site averages 2,000 concurrent sessions with a high number of transactions per hour so it was a serious challenge to maintain service quality. See how they used Operations Bridge to provides 100% transparency to the business of vital online systems and deliver automated reporting in a single pane of glass.

White Paper | Presented by Micro Focus

Die Mobiliar

Learn how Die Mobiliar, a leading Swiss insurance company, has been able to ensure that its business applications are highly-available and performing reliably in order to meet their customers’ needs. See how they used Operations Bridge to gain a central, consolidated overview of their applications, connecting a total of twelve different IT monitoring platforms.

White Paper | Presented by Micro Focus

Market Guide for AIOps Platforms

Many IT operations teams are already using AI operations (AIOps) technologies that leverage big data and machine learning for IT operations monitoring. Now some IT operations are beginning to use AIOps platforms for IT service desk and automation as well. But how should you deploy these platforms, and when?

White Paper | Presented by Micro Focus

Putting the ‘O’ in DevOps

Digital transformation is changing the face of IT. IT now needs to help the business move at the speed of the digitally driven market by supporting continuous innovation while simultaneously running its own core business; maintaining stability, performance, compliance, and security; and controlling costs. DevOps is help speed application deployment but cause problems for operations.

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