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White Paper | Presented by Intel-Packet

Service Transformation: A Guide to Cloud Services Models

Companies are increasingly using as-a-service models to accelerate innovation, drive data insights, and improve performance. For many organizations, the Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS) model is fast becoming the most efficient way to transform digitally. This guide examines the benefits of transforming via cloud services and provides use cases and examples of how specific as-a-service models can optimize IT and business.

Miscellaneous | Presented by Talend & AWS

How AMP Ltd. Built a Cloud Data Lake It Could Trust

Wealth management firm AMP Ltd. turned data into value by better understanding customer behavior. By using Talend to bring siloed corporate and external customer data, such as CRM detail and social media posts, into a data lake on Amazon Web Services (AWS), AMP Ltd. was able to uncover valuable insights to better cross-sell, upsell, and improve the overall customer experience.

eBook | Presented by Amazon


By moving to Amazon Web Services (AWS), your organization can return to focusing on its core mission and free up resources for new business initiatives and innovation. This quick guide outlines important touchpoints, steps, and things to think about as you make the move to AWS.

Case Study | Presented by Cohesity

Manhattan Associates Consolidates and Simplifies Data Protection and Files

Until recently, Manhattan Associates had used a traditional secondary storage solution to manage its large and rapidly expanding data footprint of ~1PB. Designed for traditional workflows, the company’s IT team realized it had become cost prohibitive to add features to their existing environment to support their VM level backups.

White Paper | Presented by Cohesity

Solution Brief: Bringing Enterprise Grade Capabilities to the Public Cloud for Secondary Data

Making the public cloud interoperable with on-premises solutions needs to be part of your hybrid cloud strategy for secondary data workloads. Legacy solutions, however weren’t architected with the cloud in mind.

Case Study | Presented by Cohesity

UCSB Consolidates Their Data Protection on Cohesity's Single, Web-Scale Platform

Read the case study and get details on how UCSB consolidated everything from backup to recovery, analytics to monitoring and alerting.

White Paper | Presented by Cohesity

White Paper: Solve Hybrid Cloud Challenges for Secondary Data and Apps

This white paper looks at the evolution of these challenges and offers practical advice on ways to store, manage and move secondary data in hybrid cloud architectures while extracting the hidden value it can provide. Download to learn more.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Five9 Inc.

How CARFAX Leverages Five9 and Salesforce to Increase Agent Productivity

Five9’s Darryl Addington is joined by David Muttiah, Change Manager at CARFAX, to discuss the key steps CARFAX took to improve their customer journey and agent efficiency

Data Sheet | Presented by Five9 Inc.

Five9 Adapter for Salesforce

The Five9 integration, jointly designed with Salesforce, creates a powerful, modern and intuitive agent interface. It enhances the customer experience by allowing agents to focus on the right information at the right time.

eBook | Presented by Five9 Inc.

Five9 Explains the Customer Journey Map

Today, companies want to better understand customers through data. They want to sell more, serve better and efficiently market. One way to do this is through customer journey maps.

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