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White Paper | Presented by Atakama LLC.

5 Best Practices to Enhance Your DLP Strategy

The goal of any DLP strategy is to know exactly what data a company has, who has access to it, and when or how it is being used.

White Paper | Presented by Kaspersky

Kaspersky for Security Operations Center

Many organizations are establishing Security Operations Centers (SOCs) to combat security issues as they arise, providing a swift response and a decisive resolution.

White Paper | Presented by Kaspersky

Kaspersky Threat Intelligence

Tracking, analyzing, interpreting and mitigating constantly evolving IT security threats is a massive undertaking. Enterprises across all sectors are facing a shortage of the up-to-the-minute, relevant data they need to help them manage the risks associated with IT security threats.

Case study: El Camino Health

Learn how Insight coordinated a multiphased project to improve reliability and performance without disruption to patient care.

eBook: Realize Your Vision for Modern Edge Solutions

This ebook highlights the modern methodologies and technologies it takes to support a reliable, cost-effective, secure network architecture.

Whitepaper: Assess and Adopt Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) With Insight

Read this whitepaper to learn how Insight is helping clients implement a SASE approach to solving today’s network and security needs.

Whitepaper: Implementing a Zero Trust Security Framework

Read this whitepaper to find out how a Zero Trust approach is helping businesses secure IT environments and simplify operations.

White Paper | Presented by Deep Instinct

Cyber Threat Report: Pandemic Chaos Unleashes Malware Disaster

Deep Instinct’s 2020 Cyber Threat Landscape report — analysis of major in-the-wild attacks and observations of hackers’ changing trends and tactics. Discover the Top 5 common malware threats, and how to protect your company.

White Paper | Presented by Deep Instinct

Deep Instinct Security Buyer's Guide

When choosing a cybersecurity vendor, it’s essential to understand their philosophy, methodologies, and unique attributes. This Buyer's Guide will ease the purchase process by highlighting Deep Instinct’s prevention-first approach and cybersecurity solutions.

Forrester Study: Advanced Endpoint Security Pays Off

A Forrester Consulting report shows organizations using Deep Instinct’s Advanced Endpoint Security solution could see benefits of $3.5 million over 3 years vs costs of $0.6 million — an ROI of 446%.

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