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White Paper | Presented by ChaosSearch

Estimating the TCO to build and operate an ELK Stack

Are open-source data solutions, like the ELK Stack, really as simple and cost-effective as they are purported to be?

White Paper | Presented by ChaosSearch

Log Analytics for CloudOps: Making Cloud Operations Stable and Agile

ach day, the average enterprise’s cloud applications, containers, compute nodes, and other components throw off thousands or even millions of tiny logs

White Paper | Presented by ChaosSearch

2021 Benchmark Report: Log Management and Analytics

With volumes of data continuing to grow rapidly, organizations feel more and more pressure to scale their log management systems to support business operations.

White Paper | Presented by ChaosSearch

The Business Case for Switching from ELK to ChaosSearch

The ChaosSearch Data Platform is the first viable alternative to ELK, delivering the same level of advanced log management and analytics while solving the underlying cost, complexity, scalability, and reliability issues inherent in ELK stack environments today.  

eGuide | Presented by Cobalt Labs

A Comprehensive Guide to Building a Pentest Program

Learn how to set up a pentest program that aligns with your roadmaps, team objectives, and wider business goals.

eBook | Presented by Cobalt Labs

Beginner’s Guide to Compliance-Driven Pentesting

A comprehensive guide that covers best practices on pentests for cybersecurity frameworks such as NIST 800-53, ISO 27001, PDI-DSS, SOC 2 and HIPAA.

Behind the Scenes: Software Robots Manage Business Ops

Find out how a solution from Elitegroup Computer Systems Co., LTD can automate repetitive tasks, enabling knowledge workers to focus on more meaningful work, becoming more productive and driving businesses forward.

Benchmarks Influence AI Server Design

Discover the approach ComBox Technology took as it designed its new AI server to produce a power-efficient, performant inferencing solution for many types of workloads.

eBook | Presented by Cobalt Labs

Cobalt Research: The State of Pentesting 2021

An in-depth review of the most common vulnerabilities across asset types and industries, and why teams struggle with remediation.

HVAC SIs: Leverage Stimulus for K-12 School Upgrades

Discover how Arrow Electronics helps Systems Integrators (SIs) bring solutions to market that can increase energy efficiency and improve air quality in K-12 schools.

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