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Reimagine Media and Entertainment

The Media & Entertainment (M&E) sector has a mounting burden on its shoulders: Create ongoing content rapidly, cost-effectively, and securely—then distribute the highest-quality final products to sophisticated and content-hungry viewers around the world. With these challenges in mind, M&E companies of all sizes are looking to the cloud to dramatically transform their operations.

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AIOps: An ultimate guide for the CIOs

It has been called ‘The next big thing in IT operations' and AIOps might prove to be the rate case when hyperbole like this rings true

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Cloud Migration Simplified: A step-by-step guide for the journey into the cloud!

Today’s IT systems have become so complex that CIOs are looking to the cloud to ensure their data is cleansed, secure, scalable, properly governed, available when needed, and fully analyzable.

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Conversational Teams Management and Migration

Learn about what Microsoft's native tools are and are not capable of with Teams. Discover how to bring your Teams deployment in line with the rest of your IT infrastructure.

Driving value from your data in times of change

In today’s ever-changing and increasingly competitive market, organizations are challenged to find differentiation to set themselves apart and maintain momentum. Read on to learn more.

Elevating Human Attack Surface Management

Every year, enterprises spend millions on security technology and training — only to be caught on the hamster wheel of responding to incidents caused by recurrent human errors.

Evolving Teams Management: Shifting Focus From Day-to-Day to the Microsoft Teams

The Shortsighted adoption of Teams: Out of the box only provides the basics. Real adoption requires aligning Teams to operations. Two basic adoption strategies were used: Too locked down Too open Depended on organizational focus. Management is either minimal or backlogged.

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This ebook explores the four key areas you should be concerned about when managing a remote Office 365 workforce and offers best practices and proven tools for addressing them effectively: • Migrations • License management • Management and auditing • Security and compliance

FullStory improves digital experiences with AMD EPYC™ CPUs

Lower latencies and costs with AMD EPYC CPU-powered Google Cloud Platform instances

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Hacking Active Directory – From a Pen Tester

Cloud services, such as Office 365 and cloud-provided applications, change the way work is done and how AD connects all this information. Black Hats and White Hats have many methods to achieve their goals. This ranges from highly technical long-term exploits to simple and obvious oversights. Read this whitepaper to find out some of the most typical AD-specific exploits seen today.

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