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White Paper | Presented by D2iQ

An Introduction to Kubernetes Multi-tenancy

Learn proven strategies and best practices to enable efficient multi-cluster and multi-tenant management.

eBook | Presented by NetApp

AWS use cases withNetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

NetApp® ONTAP® data management software has been the mainstay of enterprise data storage for more than two decades.

eGuide | Presented by Barcoding, Inc.

Building the Mobile Enterprise

We all know it: The workforce is going mobile. Digital transformation and a pandemic have seen to that.

Video/Webcast | Presented by NetApp

Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Cloud Volumes ONTAP enables you to optimize your cloud storage costs and performance while enhancing data protection, security, and compliance.

Case Study | Presented by NetApp

Cloud Volumes ONTAP for AWS: 10 Customer Success Stories

As the shift towards the cloud continues, enterprises that still need to choose a cloud provider, or who are thinking of moving to a new one, have difficult decisions to make when it comes to their storage demands.

Video/Webcast | Presented by JFrog

How to Build a Cloud-Native DevSecOps Pipeline with JFrog and AWS

We will share best practices for taking advantage of DevSecOps in the cloud with JFrog and AWS.

White Paper | Presented by D2iQ

Kubernetes Cheat Sheet: Best Practices for Operations

Managing multiple Kubernetes clusters at scale is not a cakewalk. Get started with Kubernetes by learning the standard requirements, add-ons, and commands for operational success.

eBook | Presented by D2iQ

Kubernetes Governance: Take Control of Your Multi-Cluster Operations

While Kubernetes gives developers greater flexibility, it makes it tough for operators to create standardization across clusters. This ebook provides a framework and blueprint for organizations to deliver consistency, governance and operational efficiency across the Kubernetes landscape.

White Paper | Presented by D2iQ

KUBERNETES IN THE ENTERPRISE: Uncovering Challenges & Opportunities On The Path To Production

As an organization adopts new Kubernetes clusters, hybrid and multi-cluster environments grow in complexity as they scale. This report explores the current state of container adoption and introduces modern solutions for building scalable, secure, and performant containerized applications.

Miscellaneous | Presented by D2iQ

Managing Multi-Tenant Clusters in the Public Cloud

If you’re running multiple multi-tenant Kubernetes clusters in the public cloud, you need a solid strategy in place to minimize risk. Learn the capabilities and best practices to consistently manage users, permissions, and policies across cloud clusters for multi-tenant AKS, EKS, and GKE clusters.

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