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Miscellaneous | Presented by LNS Research

Quality 4.0 Solution Selection

Despite efforts to digitalize across the enterprise, most manufacturers have only traditional quality management eDespite efforts to digitalize across the enterprise, most manufacturers have only traditional quality management elements in place, and so face a fundamental challenge: How can the company build an effective strategy to leverage prior investments, make up for lost time, and rapidly deliver on the promise of Quality 4.0?

Why Smart Companies Embrace Composable Infrastructure

Modern enterprises face several technological challenges and roadblocks on the way to digital transformation.

Miscellaneous | Presented by Citrix Ready

Best Practices for your Healthcare Citrix Environment

Together, Citrix and Tricerat harness their technologies to deliver an excellent user experience and more efficient administrator workflows for healthcare.

eBook | Presented by Citrix

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing an SSO Solution

Learn about the essential features you should prioritize when evaluating a SSO solution. Read the eBook, “5 Things to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Single Sign-On Solution".

eBook | Presented by Citrix

A Buying Guide for Next-Gen Remote Access

Enterprises are continuously adopting IT trends such as bring-you-own-device (BYOD) policies, increased mobility, and cloud applications. With these rapid changes in the market, businesses are facing new IT challenges and leaning more heavily on IT to ensure employees stay connected virtually anytime and any place.

White Paper | Presented by LNS Research

APM Solution Selection Guide

This Solution Selection Guide by LNS Research explores vendors with an ability to serve as an APM 4.0 platform. Use it to identify a shortlist of vendors best suited as APM 4.0 platform vendors. Read the report to see how vendor companies rate against the criteria explained in the selection guide.

eBook | Presented by Citrix

Deliver a Secure Digital Workspace with Next-Gen Remote Access Solutions

Learn how remote access solutions can secure digital workspaces and enhance the user experience.

eBook | Presented by Citrix

End-to-End Security: Unlock Opportunity with a New Security Approach

The average employee today uses 3 devices and 36 cloud services a day. Traditional security measures weren’t designed to accommodate this rapidly expanding array of devices, apps, services, and cloud infrastructure. In order to keep up with the pace of innovation, organizations need to rethink how they approach cybersecurity.

eBook | Presented by Citrix

Rethinking Security Efficacy: How to Reduce and Manage Your Business Risk

It only costs a criminal about $5 to launch a 300-second DDoS attack against you — but the crippling effects can last much longer. That’s why rethinking your approach to network security and network monitoring is the key outsmarting the criminals and protecting your enterprise — no matter the threat. And, a good DDoS defense is only the beginning.

Miscellaneous | Presented by LNS Research

The Changing Face of Manufacturing

Download this Research Kit to understand how digital tech drives enterprise-wide performance and impacts powerful decisions.

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