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White Paper | Presented by Pythian

Designing a Modern Data Platform on Google Cloud

This paper aggregates a lot of Pythian's thinking on cloud platform design.

White Paper | Presented by Pythian

Best Practices for Migrating Teradata to Google Cloud Platform

This white paper documents the process of migrating data from Teradata to Google Cloud Platform. It highlights several key areas to consider when planning a migration of this nature, including pre-migration considerations, details of the migration phase, and best practices.

2019 SD-WAN Market Trends Report

As organizations look to modernize and optimize their network infrastructure, many are considering next-generation technologies such as softwaredefined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions.

White Paper | Presented by Lenovo

Building a Secure, Cyber-Resilient Culture

On a near daily basis, we hear reports of yet another large company suffering from a data breach or cyber-attack. But, building a secure infrastructure doesn’t depend entirely on the IT staff, it’s a companywide undertaking that requires an organization to put digital security at the forefront of their focus. And, that means implementing from every member of an organization, from the C-Suite down to the end user.

White Paper | Presented by SelectHub

Business Intelligence Tools: Top 10 Picks for 2020

This report covers the key criteria and features to consider when acquiring a BI tool, along with analysis of our top 10 picks for 2020.

Buyer's Guide for SD-WAN

Digital transformation is reshaping the business landscape faster now than at any other time in history. While it once took decades to disrupt a market, natively digital companies have disrupted their industries in just half a decade

White Paper | Presented by Lenovo

I.T. Security Isn’t Just More Important Than Ever. It’s The Most Important Thing, Period.

Don’t lose unnecessary time coping with attacks, threats and theft.In your solutions guide, you’ll find out the benefits of ThinkShield, how to ensure your data stays secure, how to keep employees stay safe online and some important statistics on the rise of cyber attacks.It’s time to act before your next attack, read the guide to find out what to do next.

eGuide | Presented by eSentire

Managed detection and response

Brush up on your third-party services management skill set. And read this eGuide for more advice on whether your company should be looking into MDR.

SD-WAN 3.0: Ready for Prime Time

This white paper will share how these solutions have evolved and matured, explore the major benefits from the new SD-WAN solutions, and examine why enterprises should feel more confident about adopting SD-WAN now.

SD-WAN creates new security challenges

Security is one of the top concerns of organizations deploying an SD-WAN. Fortinet’s John Maddison explains what the SD-WAN security challenges are and how to address them.

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