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Gain Higher Productivity with 2-in-1 PC

Your mobile workforce needs devices that are both versatile and allow for higher productivity. Increasingly, such as 2-in-1 devices like convertible notebooks or detachable tablets. IDC research shows that using Dell 2-in-1 devices, powered by 8th Generation Intel® Core™ processors, made people more productive while being less physically demanding and required less effort. Download the executive summary for highlights of the IDC study and to find out why people prefer using 2-in-1 devices over traditional laptops.

Redefine Your Workforce Enablement Through Productivity

Millennials are reshaping the world of work through their knowledge of new technologies, work habits, and attitudes of the 21st-century workplace. At the same time, IT departments are working to add flexibility to the way they are supporting the Millennial worker. Yet it’s not just about IT providing the right tools and devices to its employees so they can get their jobs done effectively; IT needs to offer an overall workplace ecosystem that is secure and innovative. In September 2016, Dell commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study with 560 information workers across all industries in Australia, India, the UK, and the US. Learn more about the working habits that emerged and how IT departments can apply these insights to future deployments. Download Report!

Elevate Employee Productivity by Choosing the Right Display Monitors

In December 2017, Dell commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the role of display monitors on employee productivity and the ability of firms to improve employee experience. Forrester conducted in-depth, quantitative surveys with 355 respondents, including knowledge workers and hardware procurement decision makers at organizations with 5,000 or more employees. Learn more about the ways hardware (PC, monitor, peripherals) will increase productivity the most. Download this analyst report to learn more about what employees want when deciding on the technology that will make them more productive.

Upgrade to Dell OptiPlex and Intel® Optane™ and Save Time on Everyday Tasks

We expend so much energy trying to make each minute count in many areas of our life – why wouldn’t we take the same approach to our computing experience? Time stuck waiting on a system could be better spent solving problems, working, or even playing. Download this research study to learn more about how you could be saving time that is lost on slow end user computing systems. Find out how Intel® Optane™ memory with Dell OptiPlex 7050 Micro provides a simple way to improve system responsiveness in several key areas to give users a way to reclaim precious time and become more efficient. Available with Intel® Optane™ memory. Your computer’s performance, optimized for you.

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A Dynamic Attack Surface Requires Dynamic, Extended Security

The aim is to keep the attack surface as small as possible and to actively manage all potential areas of vulnerability. But in today’s hyperscale enterprise environment, where new assets are added as business demand requires, the strategy for managing the attack surface has become ever more unwieldy. Here, we review some of the considerations and best practices for managing your attack surface.

White Paper | Presented by Cylance

AI Based Security Evaluation Guide

5 Categories of Questions for Evaluating AI Driven Security Solutions

White Paper | Presented by Cylance

Cylance® vs. Traditional Security Approaches

Cylance’s next-generation antivirus product, CylancePROTECT®, delivers industry-leading malware prevention powered by AI, combined with application and script control, memory protection, and device policy enforcement in order to prevent successful cyber attacks.

White Paper | Presented by Sophos Inc

Endpoint Buyers Guide

This guide will provide clarity by walking you through the key preventative technologies and why you need them. It will also show you how different vendors stack up in independent tests

White Paper | Presented by Sophos Inc

Firewall Best Practices to Block Ransomware

Read this whitepaper to learn how these attacks work, how they can be stopped, and best practices for configuring your firewall and network to give you the optimum protection against ransomware.

White Paper | Presented by Cylance

Forrester Market Overview: Endpoint Security Report Summary

Cylance Proactively Prevents Security Threats

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