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    A managerial and technical professional, John J. Irvine offers an extensive background in the direction and management of cybersecurity concerns. With over twenty years of experience in the Federal Law Enforcement and Intelligence communities, John is an accomplished cyber security executive, computer forensic analyst, digital investigator, software product/project manager, and university professor.

    As CTO of CyTech Services, John currently directs the development of CyFIR Enterprise, an enterprise-level software product for endpoint digital forensics, incident response, insider threat, and malcode hunting that is known for locating malicious code during the breach investigation at the Office of Personnel Management on a live product demonstration. John has led multi-site divisions of over forty digital forensic examiners, network intrusion specialists, forensic application developers, digital investigators, and malicious code reverse engineers in support of our nation's most critical Federal organizations and commercial enterprises.

    John's managerial skills focus on team cohesion and cooperation, employee retention and development, and effective recruiting. His forensic specialties include cyber profiling and counterterrorism forensics, and he is experienced in incident response, counterintelligence, insider threat, and eDiscovery forensic casework. His software product and project management experience is in the design and development of enterprise systems and business/consumer mobile applications.

    Additionally, John is an Adjunct Professor of Digital Forensics Ethics and Law at George Mason University in its Masters of Computer Forensics program.

    The opinions expressed in this blog are those of John J. Irvine and do not necessarily represent those of IDG Communications, Inc., its parent, subsidiary or affiliated companies.