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  • Jamie Rees has centered his career on the championing of information security as an industry, as a profession, and as a provider of value to organizations. Using experience from his time in telecommunications, financial services and government organizations to aid risk management decision making via communicating information security to executives in language they understand. Jamie has a track record of explaining the benefits of information security to various level of stakeholder stretching over a decade and a half. Jamie has built a strong base of business-oriented security, delivering balance between risk outlooks and business outcomes; often establishing new positions and award winning programs along the way..

    Starting with a strong technical background as a sysadmin and IT instructor, he later moved to leadership roles, documenting and communicating the value of the craft to secure funding for entire programs including the Security Event Management Center and ITGRC programs he currently oversees as Director of Information Assurance & CISO in the Executive Council Office of Province of New Brunswick.

    Always looking to share his focus on transforming information security into a business process treated like any other, and establishing trusted relationships as an enabler for stakeholders rather than a roadblock Jamie speaks on various security topics at events ranging from world & national congresses, to regional conferences, and local chapters and has been featured by national news outlets such as the Financial Post.

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