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    Enterprise Solution Architect at Intel Corporation
    Darren Pulsipher, Enterprise Solution Architect at Intel Corporation, is a software engineering professional known for pulling technology and people together. During his career he has been involved in several different industries including medical imaging, telecom, electronic design automation, cloud computing, business consulting and even nutritional supplements. Darren is a published author with 3 books on technology and technology management and over 50 articles published in several different industry trade magazines. He is also known for his speaking ability and has spoken at several conferences focusing on highly technical subjects and managing people and technology. As an inventor, Darren has 10 patents in Cloud and Grid computing infrastructures. His technology has been used in companies to decrease product development lifecycle time through build, test and deployment optimization and virtualization. Darren enjoys working with people and taking on challenging problems. With his analytical abilities and his ability to relate and interact with people, he has been able to help dysfunctional organizations make changes and succeed. He is known for tackling complex and difficult organizational situations, assessing current culture, and helping the organization become more effective. Darren has 10 children ranging from the ages of 26 to 8 years old. They have lived in several different places over the last 25 years but calls Folsom, CA home at the moment. He spends his spare time at the swimming pool, baseball fields, basketball court and orchestra concerts watching his children perform.