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Episode 4: Reduce SOC burnout


In the fight against cybercrime, the battleground for many organizations is the security operations center. The SOC is ground zero for figuring out if an organization is under attack – and how to respond swiftly and efficiently if malicious behavior is detected.

It’s high-stakes work – and the stakes keep rising as the way people work evolves and more applications and workloads move to the cloud. These shifts are increasing the attack surface in new and sometimes unexpected ways.

“It’s a never-ending trend of increasing complexity, increasing vulnerability, [and increasing] expectations of security teams to be able to defend organizations in a world that is growing more and more diverse, with employees doing more and more different kinds of things, all of which represents opportunity for hackers,” says Rob Lefferts, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance.

Listen to the podcast to learn more about the expanding threat landscape and how security leaders can reduce SOC burnout and enable security teams to be proactive and preventive threat hunters with a modern threat protection strategy.

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