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Episode 2: Empowering employees to be secure and productive


When it comes to protecting your business, security is a team sport. Criminal hackers –increasingly sophisticated and persistent – are playing offense, trying to find weak spots to breach an organization. And everyone in your organization – from management to front-line employees – is part of the defense team.

But those team players can also be the biggest challenge, because to keep things secure, security teams must put up guardrails. These policies and procedures can have the unintended effect of slowing down productivity, and when that happens, employees often find workarounds, because they just want to get their work done. Which, of course, defeats the purpose of putting strict security policies in place.

“Security should not get in the way of productivity,” says Vasu Jakkal, corporate vice president for security, compliance, and identity marketing with Microsoft. “In fact, security should be about empowering people and empowering productivity.”

Listen to the podcast to learn more about the trade-offs organizations face between security and productivity in the modern workplace, along with best practices and strategies for balancing the two.

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