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Episode 1: Balancing act


As widespread work-from-home arrangements for knowledge workers continue, traditional perimeter-based security models are no longer viable. Combine this remote work trend with ongoing and ever-changing threats, along with a growing security stack, and CISOs and their security teams are more challenged than ever to balance enterprise-grade security with end-user productivity.

In this episode of the Strengthen and Streamline Your Security podcast, we look at how an identity-based security framework can help organizations let users work from anywhere while securing them seamlessly. We’ll hear fresh insights from three experts: Joy Chik, Corporate Vice President of Identity with Microsoft; Peter Hesse, Chief Security Officer at 10 Pearls; and Bob Bragdon, senior vice president and managing director of CSO.

“The corporate network as the perimeter for security has completely disappeared,” says Chik. “Identity is becoming the control plane for security, because it provides effective access control across all users and their devices and all the resources in your digital estate.”

Listen to the podcast to learn more about how securing user identities—without negatively impacting the user experience—is one of the most important aspects of modern cybersecurity.

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