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Know the Facts – Today’s Cyberthreat Landscape


The facts are undeniable: A new global survey by Ponemon and ServiceNow of nearly 3,000 cybersecurity professionals reveals that more than half the companies have experienced a breach in the past year.

In this session Bob Bragdon, Senior Vice President and Publisher of CSO, and Janene Casella, Director of Product Marketing for Security and Risk, ServiceNow, explore the Ponemon survey findings.

Casella offers a sobering take on the 48% stat. “As our IT environments continue to expand, we’re more and more vulnerable to attacks -- and we know that cybercrime is very profitable, whether that’s selling personal information or ransomware, which was huge last year,” she says. “The other thing is that cybercrime is becoming more and more expensive for those who get breached. The average cost of data breach is reaching about $3 million US.”

The survey also found that of the 48% of respondents who suffered a breach, the majority said that they had been breached because of a vulnerability—for which a patch was already available.

“This number kind of wasn’t a surprise in the face of WannaCry last year,” Casella notes. “It did massive amounts of damage and yet the patch for it was available for about two months before the exploit actually hit. So again, this problem goes back to the vast variety of the software that we’re using every day. We have tons of devices, even more applications, and that leads to more vulnerabilities than a lot of organizations that often have very small security teams can keep up with.”

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