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Software liability reform is liable to push us off a cliff

Regulatory mandates for software security like those in the Biden Administration's National Cybersecurity Strategy could cause more problems than they solve.

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How to de-risk your digital ecosystem

Digital ecosystems are big, complicated, and a massive vector for exploits and attackers. Santha Subramoni, global head, cybersecurity business unit at Tata Consultancy Services discusses digital ecosystems security and how businesses...

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Why CISOs change jobs

CISOs often deliver suboptimal performance and have a short shelf life. Organizations are often at fault for both outcomes.


Measuring cybersecurity: The what, why, and how

CISOs need to report the key security performance and risk indicators to executive teams in way that they find meaningful and actionable.

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Yes, CISOs should be concerned about the types of data spy balloons can intercept

The Chinese airship that floated over the US and Canada was likely a multipurpose intelligence platform, gathering a variety of information types. It could gather data from corporate, government, or agricultural sources on the ground....

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How to unleash the power of an effective security engineering team

These are the essential skills that security leadership should instill and develop in their security engineering teams.

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What CISOs need to know about the renewal of FISA Section 702

Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act sets out the rules for the US intelligence community around gathering information abroad—but is it inadvertently being used at home too?

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US DOJ applies carrot-and-stick approach to Foreign Corrupt Practices Act policy

Corporations (and their CISOs) that discover wrongdoing or corruption within their own business are well-advised to self-report such activities and cooperate with prosecutors. The stakes are high for those who don’t.

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Economic headwinds could deepen the cybersecurity skills shortage

Security professionals will remain in high demand, but economic fallout will make hiring even harder.

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US Supreme Court leak investigation highlights weak and ineffective risk management strategy

The court’s inability to find out who leaked the draft decision and how they did it is a cautionary tale for CISOs about safeguarding sensitive information and intellectual property.

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Cybersecurity spending and economic headwinds in 2023

Investments will increase but CISOs will be more selective, driving the need for federated technology architectures.

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If governments are banning TikTok, why is it still on your corporate devices?

When lawmakers and higher education take steps to prevent official users from accessing the popular video-sharing app on their devices, corporations should sit up and take notice.

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GAO warns government agencies: focus on IoT and OT within critical infrastructure

Several key US departments are falling woefully short on cybersecurity measures for infrastructure connected to the internet of things and operational technologies, the GAO said in a scathing report.

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Report highlights serious cybersecurity issues with US defense contractors

The CyberSheath report found that US defense contractors are “woefully unprepared” and often don’t meet even the most basic security requirements that would keep military secrets safe.

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The changing role of the MITRE ATT&CK framework

Organizations are using the MITRE ATT&CK framework as more than a security operations reference architecture, adding new use cases and making it part of strategic future plans.

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5 top qualities you need to become a next-gen CISO

The world of cybersecurity changes quickly. If you want to be at the top of your game, a next-generation (“next-gen” in IT-speak) CISO, you should consider these guidelines for building and maintaining the skills and relationships...

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The Biden administration has racked up a host of cybersecurity accomplishments

The Biden administration’s intense focus on cybersecurity has resulted in an unprecedented number of initiatives. Although domestic efforts seem well-baked, opportunities exist for further leadership in the international arena.

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XDR: Still confusing after all these years

It’s time to stop debating about what XDR is and focus on how it fits in a security operations center modernization strategy.

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