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Apple means business when protecting intellectual property

Apple takes the protection of intellectual property very seriously. In 2017, it says 27 people were caught and 12 arrested for revealing inside information.

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Security executives on the move and in the news

Find up-to-date news of CSO, CISO and other senior security executive appointments.

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Hackers protest Georgia’s SB 315 anti-hacking bill by allegedly hacking Georgia sites

Hackers claim to have credentials from the City of Augusta and Georgia Southern University and to have defaced the Georgia websites in retaliation for the anti-hacking bill.

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Online voting is impossible to secure. So why are some governments using it?

If you thought electronic voting machines were insecure, wait 'til you meet online voting. Dr. Vanessa Teague has twice demonstrated massive security flaws in online voting systems. Instead of fixes and support, she got official...

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Car hackers find remotely exploitable vulnerabilities in Volkswagen and Audi vehicles

Researchers discovered flaws in the Audi A3 Sportback e-tron and the Volkswagen Golf GTE that make the vehicles vulnerable to remote hacking.

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North Korean anti-virus uses old Trend Micro components

Researchers at Checkpoint have published a report showing that North Korea's SiliVaccine, the country's anti-virus product, uses functional elements taken from a ten-year-old copy of Trend Micro's anti-virus.

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Salted Hash Ep 24: Defending against mobile threats

Welcome back! After shooting several episodes during the RSA Conference in San Francisco, this week Salted Hash talks mobile threats with VASCO's Will LaSala. In addition to this week's episode, we've also got some additional footage...

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China increases employee surveillance, creating its own Thought Police

China has a form of Orwell’s Thought Police -- surveillance tech to monitor employees’ brainwaves and emotions.

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PoC code triggers BSOD on vulnerable Windows boxes even if PC is locked

A malware researcher published proof-of-concept code that can cause the dreaded Blue Screen of Death on Windows machines even if the system is locked.

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Aviation industry takes steps to mitigate insider threats

The aviation industry realizes insider threats are a reality and is working within the public-private partnership to heighten awareness of them.

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Atlanta's recovery highlights the costly mistake of being unprepared

The Samsam attack against the city of Atlanta in March was chaotic and crippling. The ransomware, named for the group responsible for development and deployment, left the city scrambling to deal with critical systems that were forced...

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Critical Hikvision flaw could be remotely exploited to hijack cameras, DVRs and accounts

Hikvision patched a critical flaw that allowed attackers to access and manipulate cameras and DVRs as well as hijack accounts.

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Secret global government surveillance: I'll spy for you, if you spy for me

New report from Privacy International highlights the ‘dangerous lack of oversight’ for secret global surveillance networks and intelligence sharing between governments.

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Tech support scams are on the rise, up 24%, warns Microsoft

Social engineering attacks like the Microsoft tech support scams still work. Fake cold calls, fake messages on websites, and malicious emails continue to trick victims.

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Cops go into funeral home, attempt to unlock phone with dead man's fingerprint

Florida police entered a funeral home and attempted to unlock an iPhone using the dead man's fingerprint.

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Charter Communications, who can you trust?

Charter Communications, its union, its customers and the New York attorney general all are experiencing trust issues.

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Two incident response phases most organizations get wrong

It's important to remember: Incident response isn't a thing, it's a process.

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Cryptomining, not ransomware, the top malware threat so far this year

Cryptominer-based attacks increased, while ransomware-based attacks decreased in Q1 2018, according to Comodo Cybersecurity Threat Research Labs.

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SamSam explained: Everything you need to know about this opportunistic group of threat actors

The group behind the SamSam family of ransomware is known for recent attacks on healthcare organizations, but that's not its only target.

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Russia is hacking routers in global cyber attacks, US and UK warn

In a first-of-its-kind advisory, the U.S. and U.K. warned of malicious cyber activity by state-sponsored Russian hackers who are targeting network infrastructure devices.

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