reality winner nsa contractor

Reality Winner pleads guilty to revealing NSA secrets

Reality Winner, who was charged with giving a classified NSA report to the Intercept, pled guilty to sharing National Defense information.

iot security ts

IoT security a concern, but most companies don't have a way to detect attacks on ICS

Industrial organizations are concerned about IoT security, with 77% believing their ICS network will suffer an attack. Yet nearly half have no measures in place to detect such an attack.

Elon Musk

Insider threat becomes reality for Elon Musk

Every company needs to worry about the insider threat and Tesla is no exception. Now, Tesla has sued former employee Martin Tripp for sabotage and intellectual property theft.

us china russia

Akamai: DDoS attacks on the rise, become more specialized

Akamai's new State of the Internet/Security: Web Attack report says DDoS attacks increased 16% since 2017. It also says China and Russia launch the most credential abuse attacks on the hospitality industry.

att AT&T logo american flag

8 AT&T buildings that are ‘central to NSA spying’

Here are eight AT&T-owned locations, buildings that are reportedly central to the NSA's internet spying purposes.

The Smart House

Not hackers, but exes are remotely controlling smart devices as a form of domestic abuse

A new pattern of domestic abuse behavior has ex-spouses and ex-partners remotely controlling smart devices in victims homes.

google home mini

Decade-old attack can pwn Google Home, Chromecast, Sonos and Roku

Several IoT devices are vulnerable to DNS rebinding attacks that could allow attackers to get your geographic location, gather recon for future attacks, or remotely control the devices.

subway station 87638274

China increases its surveillance state

China plans to add bio-recognition technology to subways and to install RFID chips in vehicle windshields.

Man pointing to security icon for email

When your career is derailed by your girlfriend tampering with your email

Eric Abramovitz, a gifted clarinetist, had opportunity squandered when his girlfriend executed a classic "business email compromise."

hacker presence on a network

Researchers disclose 7 flaws in 390 Axis IP cameras, remote attacker could take control

If an attacker were to chain three of the flaws in the Axis IP cameras, they could remotely execute shell commands with root privileges. Update your firmware now.


Gamers: Is Red Shell 'spyware' being used in the games you play?

Some game developers use Red Shell to fingerprint gamers for marketing purposes, and gamers are not happy, forcing many to remove it.

jobs collaboration careers network

Security executives on the move and in the news

Find up-to-date news of CSO, CISO and other senior security executive appointments.

mit csail ai artificial intelligence

MIT's AI can now 'see' and track people through walls using wireless signals

The RF-Pose system developed by MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) can track a person through walls or identify one specific person out of a group of 100.

root lock

Crestron console service has critical vulnerability

Rapid7 disclosed Crestron flaw that can be used to gain root-level access and give attackers the ability to control commands being executed on the system.

skyrim vr dragon

Bethesda’s Skyrim Very Special Edition can actually be played on Alexa

Turns out there is a skill you can enable to play Skyrim via Amazon's Alexa. Alexa, open Skyrim!


Josh Schulte: CIA insider gone south or repugnant criminal?

Josh Schulte, believed to have been the source of the leaked the "Vault 7" Wikileaks trove of CIA tools, has been charged with a heinous crime concerning illegal images.

submarine periscope 101722825

Chinese hackers stole 614GB of undersea warfare data from U.S. Navy contractor

Chinese hackers reportedly stole hundreds of gigabytes of undersea warfare data from a contractor which works for the U.S. Navy’s underwater weapons R&D center.

army national guard combat training military

Information security in a war zone: How the Red Cross protects its data

The International Committee of the Red Cross faces unique and extreme security threats across the globe. Technology is not always the best defense.

Security flaws in baby cam monitors

Another baby monitor camera hacked

The latest baby monitor hacking incident involves a $34 FREDI wireless baby camera monitor. The hacked device was used to spy on a mother and her baby.

microsoft github celebrate

Do you fully trust Microsoft with GitHub?

With Microsoft acquiring GitHub, users have to decide if they will leave their repositories on GitHub or move backup copies to GitLab.

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