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A magnifying lens exposes an exploit amid binary code.

network security lock padlock breach

NTT, Palo Alto partner for managed SASE with AIOps

Using a managed services provider to deliver SASE can streamline deployment and free up enterprise resources.

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APT groups use ransomware TTPs as cover for intelligence gathering and sabotage

Changing tactics by North Korean, Russian, and Chinese APT groups suggest that Western companies are at greater risk.

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New UN cybercrime convention has a long way to go in a tight timeframe

Nations around the world are hammering out a new cybercrime convention, but some UN members seek to criminalize activities that are not bona fide crimes.

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Hackers abuse legitimate remote monitoring and management tools in attacks

Researchers and government agencies warn that threat actors are increasing their use of commercial RMM tools to enable financial scams.

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Recent legal developments bode well for security researchers, but challenges remain

Security researchers gained greater federal legal protections over the past two years, but US state laws and China’s recently adopted vulnerability disclosure law pose threats.

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Attackers move away from Office macros to LNK files for malware delivery

Barriers that Microsoft has placed to prevent malicious macros has forced some cybercriminals to use LNK files for malware delivery, but at the cost of easier detection.

Eyeglasses rest on a binary field / code review / threat assessment / check vulnerabilities

Attackers exploiting critical flaw in many Zoho ManageEngine products

The ManageEngine vulnerability is easy to exploit and enables remote code execution. Patches are available.

Industry 4.0 / Industrial IoT / Smart Factory

Many ICS flaws remain unpatched as attacks against critical infrastructure rise

More than a third of ICS device vulnerabilities have no patch available at a time when ICS environments face threats from new cybercrime groups.

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How attackers might use GitHub Codespaces to hide malware delivery

A feature that allows developers to make applications accessible by a public GitHub URL could enable attackers to deliver malware and avoid detection.

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US Maritime Administrator to study port crane cybersecurity concerns

Recently passed legislation might have been spurred by supply chain disruption and surveillance concerns enabled by Chinese-made cranes.

A magnifying lens exposes an exploit amid binary code.

Attackers deploy sophisticated Linux implant on Fortinet network security devices

The exploit allows attackers to remotely execute arbitrary code and commands without authentication.

Impersonation / disguise / fraud / false identity / identity theft

Study shows attackers can use ChatGPT to significantly enhance phishing and BEC scams

Researchers demonstrate how attackers can use the GPT-3 natural language model to launch more effective, harder-to-detect phishing and business email compromise campaigns.


Twitter's mushrooming data breach crisis could prove costly

An apparent data breach potentially impacting hundreds of millions of users could damage Twitter's finances and operations. EU regulators pose the biggest threat to the Elon Musk-owned company.

cryptojacking / cryptocurrency attack

Attackers create 130K fake accounts to abuse limited-time cloud computing resources

Cybercriminal group Automated Libra's PurpleUrchin campaign uses the fake accounts for cryptomining operations.

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NATO tests AI’s ability to protect critical infrastructure against cyberattacks

Cybersecurity experts experiment with autonomous intelligence to secure and defend against increasing cyberthreats posed to critical infrastructure.

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Attackers use stolen banking data as phishing lure to deploy BitRAT

Data from an older breach lends credibility to this newer sophisticated attack that delivers a highly obfuscated payload.

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PyTorch suffers supply chain attack via dependency confusion

A rogue packet on the machine learning framework allowed the attacker to exfiltrate data, including SSH keys.

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Ransomware ecosystem becoming more diverse for 2023

The decline of big ransomware groups like Conti and REvil has given rise to smaller gangs, presenting a threat intelligence challenge.

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